As 2010 draws to an end and a New Year dawns it is only natural to reflect on the reality of what we have/what the reality of our world is and to be thinking of what we wish would improve, what could be changed so that life is kinder and brighter for all of Earth's citizens.

The December challenge is a little different; challenging KAS members to put on their thinking hats to get the creative juices flowing as they reflect.

Instead of a challenge tied to a colour scheme or particular motif lets all reflect on the virtues common to all faiths and embraced by those of no faith as well.
Our theme for the December challenge is to answer a few not-so-simple questions:

As 2011 dawns what do we need most across the globe?  What does that look like to you?  How can we make an abstract concept into something we can hold in our hands as gifts to the children of SA? 

How would the lives of the orphans improve if our most fervent wish were to come true?

Over the past few years I have often been inspired by members as they share how they pray or think positive thoughts for the children with each stitch.  The image of love, friendship and brotherhood boxed up and finding the way to Ronda and team in SA gives me hope.

This December I know that I'll be hoping and praying for Peace for everyone. 

Peace would mean cooperation by the adults of our world resulting in food, health care and education for all. 

My own challenge will be in figuring out how to conceptualize this so my thoughts can be shared and made concrete. Probably a hat of some sort as I think we all need to think more about Peace so that it will become reality. When I think of Peace I can't help but think of the colour blue.

Fairness and friendship are 2 other virtues I will reflect on with each stitch. 

A fair world would ensure education, food and safety for all children. A friendlier world would be cooperative so that together we can grow more food more efficiently and share resources to conquer diseases like HIV.  

This new and improved world will be alive with colour, with all colours being respected for what they are and not compared to any other colour. Together, like our KAS blankets, each colour will enhance the rest creating a world more beautiful because of it's diversity and unity. Cooperation wins over comparison or competition every time in my book:)

I know that Ronda is hoping for larger beanies/hats.  We have a surplus of teeny, tiny baby hats and larger children hoping/waiting for a hat of their own. Larger beanies (for children 3-11 and teens 12+) would be a nice for Ronda & team to receive in the coming weeks.  Imagine the joy they'll have stockpiling warm hats for the next winter season in SA. I think it will give them peace of mind. 

Ronda and team have much enjoyed the colourful squares sent during an earlier challenge (the Pete Lovemore memorial challenge). When in doubt, colourful squares are always needed year round.

Please share your reflections as you work your way through the December challenge. It will be wonderful to hear from all of you and to have a little more insight into your thoughts about the children, our world and how KAS continues to shine a light on South Africa's most vulnerable citizens.

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You can certainly felt around an acrylic core, you just have to make sure that it's completely, thickly covered with actual wool roving around the outside, otherwise the acrylic parts will sneak through. Probably also a good idea to gently pre-felt the wool by hand before you stick it in the washing machine, so that you don't get any bald patches!

Erica, thank you for expressing in such an eloquent manner what I feel every time I send a parcel to South Africa.  The objects you created to go with each thought are so representative of what is needed to help the children grow into productive and caring adults.

Erica's post has now been Featured. I think it's a "shot in the arm", a boost, to remind us of what those children have never had and so much deserve. :D Thanks for helping with that Erica. :)



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