KAS Sisters, here we are, living a global nightmare, with almost every country in the world affected. We are all worried, many of us fall into the vulnerable senior group, and it seems the ‘new normal’ is to stay away from people, go out as little as possible, just hunker down and hope we and our loved ones don’t succumb to the virus.

Fortunately, our Forum is one of the safest places we can be.  We can reach out to our friends, chat, share our feelings about this pandemic and how it is temporarily changing our lives.  We can share ideas on how we are protecting ourselves as much as possible, how we are managing to keep from going nuts if quarantined, and maybe, just maybe, we can even find something to giggle about in the midst of this tragic event.  In other words, anything goes.

I hope we can fight this pandemic, armed only with knitting needles, crochet hooks, balls of yarn, our sense of compassion, and even our sense of humour.  I hope we can share our feelings in this safe place where no viruses can go (unless your computer has one).  It’s OK to express frustration or fears, and it’s OK to rejoice if you feel like it.  None of us have ever faced anything like this before – let’s get through it together, ’cause that’s what Kas Sisters do.

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You sound much like us. We live in the country with our nearest big village with a Coop store about 4 kms away. They everything we really need. If we need anything else, we can always order a Drive from the nearest town 15 kms away. We also have a big garden. I never have any problem with finding something to do. I've been making a lot of jam, apple jelly and marmalade. I read a great deal, crochet and do cross stitch. There are also all the cupboards to sort out!!!!

Where does your sister live, Jill?  I lived in Shropshire for some time when I was a lot younger. We lived in Jackfield, just a couple of miles from Ironbridge. I loved it there.

In March, Anne wrote a piece about being a Neil Diamond Freak (page 12 of this discussion). I thought of her today when I saw this on a blog I was reading. How she would have loved it.

Oh my goodness, Patricia, you're right.  Thank you!  Anne would have LOVED this!  I can just hear her laughter ... xo

Eeee how sweet of you to think of Anne when you saw this.    At the time she posted about Neil Diamond + how much she adored him I thought it was an endearing post + fun quality about her........

Glad you shared this Patricia, I can imagine Anne finding this very funny! :))

Totally agree, Chris......sooo funny.  :))

Thanks for sharing, Patricia.

2020 has been a year that most of us would rather forget for many reasons, the biggy of course being Covid and its devastating effects upon our world. Also, some of us have lost loved ones and sadly KAS has ’lost’ Anne Powell.

In amongst the gloom there are spots of light...... a vaccine, families and communities pulling together, and time to reflect on the blessings and memories that we have.

I know that I’m not on my own when I ’see’ Anne in many places on our forum, including this ’Corona Corner’ and realise that her contibutions to KAS will always be with us, her Christmas poem, patterns and of course the KAS shop.

She used to be a great shop keeper and would be promoting items in the shop to raise the much needed funds for KAS, her desire to help the children is what fuelled her passion for fund raising.

It was also her idea to have the free KAS cook book, which came from the Cookie Exchange we had last Christmas. She saw the drafts, but left us before it was available in the KAS shop.

So I wondered, could we do something that would honour Anne?

We could visit the KAS shop and make a purchase, knowing that our children in SA will benefit. While we are in the shop, we could download the free KAS cook book and try some KAS sisters recipes. 

Only a couple of thoughts, I hope others will join me. x

Good idea, Chris. I need more Christmas cards, so I'll pay the shop a visit.

Thanks Valerie x

I’m happy to join in, Chris. I’ve been to the shop and made my purchase.

That is a lovely idea, Chris.  I will try to get organised and do that - but my next housekeeping does not come in till 24th so I may have to do mine ready for New Year's Eve...... Not that we need any more biscuits and cookies and cakes here!!  Perhaps over the whole holiday period, we can raise a sweet treat - home made or otherwise - and think of Anne - or pray for her if we follow a religion, or pray for the repose of her soul if we are Catholics.  It does seem odd not to see her posts on teh forums any more.

Chris, like you I am reminded of Anne everywhere on our forum.  The benefits of her loving contributions to KAS - her knit and crochet items, her patterns, her ideas, her time and the effort she put into our KAS projects - all reached so many children and will continue to do so.

Funny you should mention the KAS Recipe Book.  Anne worked so hard on getting that together and it was her grand idea to offer it for free in our KAS Shop.  I was going through it the other day when decided I needed to make some special treats.  So ... here are Anne's "Do-Dabs" - or what's left of them :)))  Please help yourself ... hahaha

How I wish I could offer a plate of these to our little ones in S.A.  Since that's not possible, I have decided that the next best thing is to make a donation to 'Keep the Motor Running" to put fuel in the KASvan -in memory of Anne.  This will help our volunteers to reach the children with our gifts of warmth and love.

Now I guess I'd better get busy because I want to make Wendy's Boiled Pineapple Fruitcake, Estelle's Walnut Puffs, Karla's Bishop's Bread ... and on, and on, and on ... xo



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