KAS Sisters, here we are, living a global nightmare, with almost every country in the world affected. We are all worried, many of us fall into the vulnerable senior group, and it seems the ‘new normal’ is to stay away from people, go out as little as possible, just hunker down and hope we and our loved ones don’t succumb to the virus.

Fortunately, our Forum is one of the safest places we can be.  We can reach out to our friends, chat, share our feelings about this pandemic and how it is temporarily changing our lives.  We can share ideas on how we are protecting ourselves as much as possible, how we are managing to keep from going nuts if quarantined, and maybe, just maybe, we can even find something to giggle about in the midst of this tragic event.  In other words, anything goes.

I hope we can fight this pandemic, armed only with knitting needles, crochet hooks, balls of yarn, our sense of compassion, and even our sense of humour.  I hope we can share our feelings in this safe place where no viruses can go (unless your computer has one).  It’s OK to express frustration or fears, and it’s OK to rejoice if you feel like it.  None of us have ever faced anything like this before – let’s get through it together, ’cause that’s what Kas Sisters do.

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Thanks Rebecca - we were due to see the St Petersburg ballet performing Swan Lake on Easter Monday and are very disappointed that it's not going to happen.  But at least I won't have to wear my tiara for this one :))

Rebecca, I´ve found something else but also very beautiful. Listen to this voice….Music is life.

What an amazing voice, thank you for sharing that with us.  It really lifted my spirits.

I hope all of you are safe and well.

We have been very very careful. But this morning I have a slight cough. I'm scared, but I am trying to be optimistic. After all, not EVERYONE over 60 who gets it dies. In the US, among patients between 65 and 84, only 3-11% died.

I am going to keep finishing UFOs until I can't. If I need to go to the ER I want to go while I can still drive, because calling an ambulance would get me to only the nearest hospital, which is death trap.

Carol in Chicago

Carol, thanks for sharing..  We all wish you well and hope that the cough is not serious.  Life has changed so much for all of us, and I think we are all scared. We have never faced anything quite like this before.  Sometimes I can't even believe all of this is happening.  Please keep us updated on how you are.  Hugs, Anne

Oh dear Carol, I am so sorry to hear this.  Being optimistic is a good thing - but being cautious is also a good thing.  Perhaps you need to be checked to be sure.

Working on UFOs is a great way to fill time and keep your hands and mind occupied.  I'm wishing you well, my dear.  Do take care ... xo

Carol do you have a thermometer at home?  Check your temperature and keep an eye on it.  They are telling us in the UK that we need to have a persistent dry cough and a raised temperature.  

Without wanting to upset anyone, apparently women have a stronger immune system than men, so there is that working for you as well xXx

Stay optimistic Carol....chances are, it's just a cough. My son has been off work for a week with a cough, sore throat and headcold, but this is all it is. Not every cough or sore throat is going to be the virus. Do try to keep busy and keep your mind off things, which is not easy with all the media coverage. As Rebecca has said, check your temp, as this seems to be an indicator, too.

Wishing you all the best...and do let us know how you are doing.  xo

For many years my son has teased me about the number of toilet rolls that I normally keep in stock at home ‘for emergencies‘, he doesn‘t have memories of squares of newspaper on a string!..... but he isn’t teasing now!

Like many, I’m so used to the freedom of going out when I want to or I need shop for groceries (which I don’t particularly enjoy),  but it hasn’t taken long for me to appreciate both..... even grocery shopping! 

After reading about the many people in our world who can’t self isolate, who don’t have running water, soap, a toilet, toilet paper, the luxury of space to be able to keep a safe distance, or get medical help when needed, I felt really guilty and realise how very fortunate I am.  I can self isolate in a comfortable home and can go out into my garden when I wish....... I count my blessings.

My sister and I are putting out a video series to help people adjust from their busy lives to the confinement of lockdown. If you find the series helpful, please share it. Here is the link to the pilot episode which went out on Thursday 26 March ahead of the lockdown in SA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRU7Elgyky4&feature=youtu.be

for uk peeps independent retailers are best bet for getting stuff. Currently getting milk, eggs and cheese with my dairy delivery! Am sourcing bacon cheese and eggs from my local artisan bakery who swapped to a delivery service. And hopefully some veggies /fruit from a box scheme that has sprung up in Edinburgh area called Romaine Calm on wed.

best to go online and find out whats available near you - facebuik can be helpful here. Stay in lovely KAS people!

Wow my sister Sue and I have just gone through a terrifying 30 odd hours with our 95 year old mum Colina, who knits beanies for KAS.  Mum was rushed by ambulance from her Nursing Home near me to Adelaide's large, new public hospital.  Mum had an elevated heart rate and temperature, but on arrival at the RAH it was discovered she had pneumonia.  So she had the Covid-19 test and was admitted to the Covid Ward.  I couldn't find out any information Friday night or Saturday morning as the doctors and nurses were too busy to talk to me.  After a super scary Saturday, I phoned again around 6pm in the evening as no-one had called me back.  Mum's Covid test came back negative and she had been moved from that ward to the Respiratory Ward about an hour earlier.  Mum is doing well considering what she has been through, though if she gets agitated her heart rate fluctuates still.  I am feeling a lot less stressed today as well.  I told them when she was admitted that mum is 95 and very precious to us, so they had to look after her for us.  Looks like they listened.



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