Today I was chauffeured by my son Andrew to a village called Purton, in Wiltshire, UK. On arrival we were greeted by Louise Tidman and Jude and then we met some of the wonderful team of crafters who support KAS. Louise had organised a great fund raising event: a coffee morning, with a variety of stalls including cakes, books, bric-a-brac and  super raffles. There was also a great display of items ready for shipping to SA and new cards from the Kas shop were on sale. About 80 people were at the coffee morning, sat around little tables busy chatting. It was very clear that it was a team effort with many willing hands playing their part, 'a well oiled machine' comes to mind!

Sharon Fennell was also visiting and was busy in the kitchen helping to prepare lunch! It was lovely to meet and chat to Sharon, another KAS sister who is passionate about KAS SA :)))

About 60 people enjoyed lunch (I didn't count, as I knew my number crunching son would), with a home made pudding, then more tea and coffee.....and a bit more chatting! I bribed Andrew to chauffeur me today, with the promise of cakes from the cake stall, and lunch; but I'm guessing he will volunteer if there is another KAS fundraiser in Purton! Yes, the cakes and lunch were delicious, but what stood out for us, was the wonderful community spirit that we saw and felt.

I have no idea how much money was raised, I'm guessing Louise has done well to boost the fund for the postage costs for her prolific crafters; but even without knowing that, the day was an amazing success, a community working together to support KAS. 

I am still smiling...........

Thank you all!

Just before we left, Andrew 'snaps' 4 KAS sisters: Louise, Chris, Jude and Sharon.

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Fantastic !!! 80 people is amazing!!   Lovely to see the four of you too.

Lovely to meet all you wonderful ladies, such a great community. Thanks for sharing this Chris,I am hiding the bake bean stains well on my shirt :-))) .Looking forward to the next one. No pressure Louise and Jude xx
I am so glad that you had a wonderful time Chris as I was thinking of how it went. Christine did offer for me to attend but unfortunately I had to take my daughter to her piano exam. Hopefully I will be able to support this next time.
Joyce, it would be lovely to meet you next time. :))
Sharon and Chris, thank you so much for coming all the way to Purton for my coffee morning and lunch fundraiser. It was wonderful to see you both and Andrew (Chris's very patient son). I so pleased you enjoyed your time with us, I am very fortunate to live in a village with such kind and generous, supportive friends. Ladies you will be pleased to know we raised over £1000 today....YAY! Thanks again to both of you......the next event will probably be an afternoon tea party in Sheila's garden sometime in June or July...i'll keep you posted. :))))

Outstanding Success Louise !! Many Thanks for your commitment to K-A-S !!

We had a super day and thank you both for coming to support us. Special thanks to Andrew for driving Chris and putting up with us all!
Chris I cannot believe my famous green frog made an appearance on your photograph but we were able to laugh about him all over again!
See you in the summer

Many Thanks Jude for your generosity and creative work. Love the mouse and the froggie and all your creations. 

Sounds like a stellar event!  Congratulations to all you industrious KAS sisters.  The displays are are wonderful, the food sounds delicious, and your fundraising amount is just outstanding. How I wish I lived closer so I could have joined in the fun.

Wow this is a remarkable amount of money raised. Well done for all your hard work to make this event successful.

Christine, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful event with us.   Your displays are just awesome ... and I even see a blue ear on a pink mouse!  Precious!  What an incredible amount you raised for postage!  Well done everyone.

How wonderful to "meet" you four beautiful ladies.  You are all shining examples of the love and caring that comes from being a KASsister!  I can certainly understand why you are still smiling, Christine.  I wasn't even there and I'm smiling.  ((Hugs)) to you all ... xo

A totally amazing effort !!!! Congratulations on such a successful event......hard work has indeed paid off.

It was lovely to get another glimpse of your cute little froggie, Jude.  :))

Lovely to see you all....and I hope today you are all sitting down with your feet up, recovering.  xo

Thanks Chris for sharing this with joyful.  :))



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