Well it's that time of year again, folks. So hard to believe it's less than three weeks until Christmas, when the cute, jolly man in the red suit spreads joy all over the world.

If, like me, you are stressing with last minute Christmas shopping, or perhaps you're trying to clear your knitting projects (and that 'small' mountain of yarn you've been hiding) from the spare room to give your visiting friends or rellies somewhere to lay their heads, then let's take a moment to chill and remember the FUN of the holiday season. 
Why not share a Christmas song, a Christmas poem,  a Christmas recipe, a story from a Christmas past, Christmas craft projects for family members....or even what Christmas Day looks like for your family?

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I just love that precious pup.

Thank you for sharing Chris...I know Jess loves her evening treats from Andrew.

Chris, I´m very happy to see your Jess again especially her charming eyes. She looks so clever. She reminds me of our Tara . She also understands a lot of our speech.

Karla, Jess understands so much of what we say too!

Oh Bev, I'm ROFL at your tech version of Night before Christmas !!!  Thank you for sharing that one :)

The original version is something that takes me w-a-y back to my childhood.  I remember my dear mother reading that poem to us - something I also did for my own children and grandchildren.  I also remember asking my mother what "coursers" are and was prepared to explain it to my children should they ask.  They never did.  I guess they were smarter than I was ... hahaha

Chris, I love your picture of Jess.  She looks like she was trying to look her best for her photo session :))

Leslie, here is a link to ONCE IN ROYAL DAVID'S CITY.  The sound starts a few seconds in.  What a lovely sentiment you have to go along with it.  I share your love of Christmas carols.  They are what make Christmas for me.

Loss of a dear one is hard to bear at any time, but Christmas always seems to bring out the biggest heartache.  I hope your beautiful memories will carry you peacefully through this Christmas season.  You are not alone ...

Thank you, Gloria.

Lesley, what special memories you have to treasure in relation to this Christmas song. It is not a title I am familiar with, but I look forward to finding out more about it in the a.m. when hubby is not in bed asleep....he can hear a pin drop, even in sleep.

My goodness, Chris, I can't believe that Jess is five already. She looks adorable in her Christmas collar...one might almost say 'regal'. The image of her waiting in anticipation of her nightly treat sure does make me smile. Our little Bonnie used to be the same when hubby came home from work. She knew it was 'treat time'.

Thank goodness you could laugh at the tech version of the poem, Glo. I hummed and haa-ed whether to include it. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at this take on a beautiful, Christmas poem..

When we were teenagers we had a really fun Rector. One Christmas he told us he had a new carol to teach us - Angels from the Realms of Glory. He was rather theatrical and took great pleasure in singing the "Gloria" part and encouraging us to keep us with him. To this day I always think of him when I hear this carol.


Patricia, I loved that rendition.  Thank you! 

I love it when people sing to me ... haha

Seriously, I absolutely love to hear the children's voices and watch the young people perform.  They are all so adorable.  As I was watching and seeing the big smiles on some of the faces, I was wondering how many of them were named Gloria.  I remember as a young girl, singing that song with my classmates and feeling a little self-conscious as everyone looked over at me (and another Gloria) when we got to that part in the song :)  Thanks for the memory ... xo

Not quite in the same league, Gloria, but you've reminded me that my daughter (Daisy) had the same problem when a school production she was in included a rendition of "Hands, Knees, and Boomps a Daisy". I suspect this is a particularly British song so I've found a YouTube video, which although rather amateur, should give you the general idea!


(By the way my original post should say "keep up with him" rather than "us".)

Hahaha ... Patricia, that's a hoot.  Thanks :))  I love the sound of children's voices in a choir, but it's also a delight to see adults enjoying themselves!!!!  xo

Incredible young voices. 

Thank you for sharing Patricia.

I LOVED the children's performance, Patricia. Younger children always sing so earnestly and it is a joy to watch. 

I can remember 'Hands, knees and Boomps a Daisy'....hadn't heard it in many a day....what a laugh.  :))



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