Well it's that time of year again, folks. So hard to believe it's less than three weeks until Christmas, when the cute, jolly man in the red suit spreads joy all over the world.

If, like me, you are stressing with last minute Christmas shopping, or perhaps you're trying to clear your knitting projects (and that 'small' mountain of yarn you've been hiding) from the spare room to give your visiting friends or rellies somewhere to lay their heads, then let's take a moment to chill and remember the FUN of the holiday season. 
Why not share a Christmas song, a Christmas poem,  a Christmas recipe, a story from a Christmas past, Christmas craft projects for family members....or even what Christmas Day looks like for your family?

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One of my all time favourite poems....


While searching online for this, I stumbled across a modern day version.  


Bev I loved the traditional and the fun version too!

Oh how I chucked at the techie version Bev.  

I have a son that does computer intelligence for a living and works for his church on the side.  He is definitely getting a copy of this hilarious poem.

Thank you for sharing.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is Christmas Carols.  Many years ago, a dour Methodist minister told me carols were 'nonsense', as they were 'unbiblical' - sorry, Rev Trevor, but for me they still embody the Christmas message.

Family legend has it that on the night I was born the local Salvation Army band, having been told by a neighbour of the new baby, played 'Once in Royal David's City' softly under my mother's bedroom window. Thirty-one years later, another Salvation Army band played the same carol in the hospital corridor outside the ward where my son was born. So it's 'our song'!

This Christmas will be a particularly emotional one for me, and I guarantee there will be tears whenever I hear this carol, but that won't stop me seeking it out - I will be 'taking part' in every online, broadcast or televised Carol Concert I can find :))

Sorry, I can't find a youtube link, but recommend any from Kings College, Cambridge - those soprano solos are always spine-tingling!

Hello Lesley, I can understand why this has become your song. I understand why tears will flow, but sometimes it’s worth it for the memories that flow with them x

I have found a number of King’s Youtube recordings of ‘your song’ but when I paste the link here there isn’t any sound!

Oh Lesley, I know what you mean about the King's College Choir and their Christmas carols.  I have their CD's, I have them on Spotify when I walk, I bake my Christmas cookies to them, I wrap presents to them.  Starting at the end of November, there's not a lot of variety in my music choices.  Last night's crescent moon as I was walking by the sea and listening to carols by King's College, Cambridge.   

Mili, that's a lovely shot - so peaceful and serene looking.  Thank you for sharing.

As for the King's College Choir, it was actually you who introduced me to them.  I remember one Christmas discussion we had here on the forum a few years ago and you included them as your music choice.  I've loved them ever since, so ... thank you :) ... xo

Glo, they are still my favourite choir and I hope to hear them 'live' one day.  And, also sit and sip a draft beer in an English pub. 

Just listened to the 2015 version on Youtube...Beautiful.

That's the one I listened to, as well, Amy. The young soloist's voice at the beginning was so sweet.

What a beautiful  song to have been played on two momentous occasions, Lesley. Thank you for sharing.  xo

That's a serenely beautiful pic, Mili. I would love to live close enough to walk the beach, especially on cool, breezy days.

Thanks Bev for starting this festive discussion.

Our little dog Jess is now 5 years old, when she was a pup, I bought this advent calender. In each drawer there is a small wooden ornament to hang on the little tree each day in advent. We decided to put a little treat for Jess in each drawer too. This year, when she saw the advent calender she did a happy dance! My son Andrew gives her the treat each evening when he comes home from work. It gives us all pleasure :))

I took this photo a few days ago, so there are only 3 wooden items on the tree. Jess only had her Christmas collar on for the photo….



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