On Christmas Eve 2019, Athele and Larry (her finance) drove over 300 km to Clarens to distribute about 100 blankets to the children.  This area is the coldest part of South Africa because of the high altitude.  Free State Province is where we just started a new satellite group in 2019.  Athele's distribution was in a new area of the province.

Approaching Clarens

Athele writes from her Facebook page:

Some happy snaps of the crowd that gathered to receive gifts of love at Knit-A-Square’s Clarens Christmas Eve distribution. Massive thanks to the wonderful Purton ladies in the UK who got us here, every kind heart across the globe that laboured to provide all the beautiful items of comfort for disadvantaged children of South Africa and the folk of Tshepong Community outreach which cares for 200+ children in town who are listed as vulnerable, who helped gather 100 of these children this morning for our outreach.
Individual pics to follow as I edit them to give you the best smiles they had to offer. Thought I’d start with a hint of the colour you brought to these children today!

Most grateful to Tona, Hilda from Holland and Ouma for help in getting the pics to happen and all the kiddies to come this morning!

In an effort to identify as many contributors as possible the pictures of this distribution will be posted in small groups for ease of comments.  If you see a square, blanket, hat or toy that you sent to KAS.  Please let us know.  Every child did receive a pair of hand-warmers, they were placed inside the beanies for easier distribution.

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The first seventeen kiddies to get blankets, beanies, cuddly toys and hand warmers for Christmas, from KnitASquare contributors around the world.

Especially thankful to Judith Sullivan and the Purton ladies for covering costs of getting us here and back to make this special Christmas delivery to children who wouldn’t normally be able to benefit from our outreach.
Tshepong has done a marvelous job of indentifying the 200+ most vulnerable children in Clarens and checking in on them, providing them with a daily meal and crèche for the little ones.

Don’t be put off by their smart clothes. They all dressed in their best for the occasion. If they’re in these pictures you can take it as definitive that they’re extremely disadvantaged in one way or another if not many.
Sorry that many couldn’t muster a smile. I had to do the handing out and pics, so the spontaneity of the pics is a little lost in most cases. Please be sure that those with less than joyous expressions are in no way less delighted with their gifts. The smiles were all as I gave them and as they went off with their spoils to show off to their friends.

These squares are from St Stithians sewn together by Estelle's Waterfall ladies.

Doll by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Another toy by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Doll from Bozica Galenovic Duracic in Croatia.

This blanket was sewn together with squares from Croatia and the toy is from Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Chris Chiplen's Road Safety blanket.

Blanket is from Sunel Botes.  She lives in South Africa and visits the Barn often.

The doll is from Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Estelle did the sewing on this blanket.  The stocking square behind this boy is from Judith Sullivan.

Another beautiful blanket from Sunel Botes and doll from Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

The third photo down is my Fruit Salad Blanket. Athele is a Christmas angel indeed.

Totally, Athelé is an angel sent!! 

Thanks for claiming this one Patricia.  It does remind me of a fabulous Fruit Salad.

Major congratulations to anyone who spots their own, or recognises the crafting of others.   It is a thrill and a privilege to see these gorgeous children.   They melt my heart ❤️.   Athele is indeed a superstar ❤️

More Photos:

Blanket sewn together by Estelle, centerpiece from Amy. 

Toy was made by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Squares for this blanket from Penny Brennan in the UK. 

Athele sewed the blanket together and Estelle did the edging.

Toy made by Bozica Galenovic Duracic from Croatia.

Heart centerpiece is from Judith Sullivan and Bozica Galenovic Duracic made the precious dog.

This blanket was made by one of our Croatian contributors and this is another toy by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Antonija Ciglar from Croatia made this incredible blanket. Another doggie by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

This precious doll is another creation by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

This sleeping cat in the moon blanket was made by Antonija Ciglar,

and the doll is from Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

I see one of my squares in the first photo. The centre square is amazing!

(First time posting - hope this works ok!)

Sadie, so happy for you to see one of your squares.  Isn't it thrilling to see you work in South Africa and with such a precious child.  Happy dance for you.

You did great posting!

Happy dance from me, too!! So glad you have seen some of your crafting, Sadie.  :))

It is exciting to see! Now I'm enthused to get on and crochet more ❤

Sadie, I'm delighted you've spotted your crafting, and to see the needy recipient is a double blessing indeed ❤️

To see your work in the Blanket Room is always exciting, Sadie, but to get to see the actual child who receives the blanket is so special. Congratulations.



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