On Christmas Eve 2019, Athele and Larry (her finance) drove over 300 km to Clarens to distribute about 100 blankets to the children.  This area is the coldest part of South Africa because of the high altitude.  Free State Province is where we just started a new satellite group in 2019.  Athele's distribution was in a new area of the province.

Approaching Clarens

Athele writes from her Facebook page:

Some happy snaps of the crowd that gathered to receive gifts of love at Knit-A-Square’s Clarens Christmas Eve distribution. Massive thanks to the wonderful Purton ladies in the UK who got us here, every kind heart across the globe that laboured to provide all the beautiful items of comfort for disadvantaged children of South Africa and the folk of Tshepong Community outreach which cares for 200+ children in town who are listed as vulnerable, who helped gather 100 of these children this morning for our outreach.
Individual pics to follow as I edit them to give you the best smiles they had to offer. Thought I’d start with a hint of the colour you brought to these children today!

Most grateful to Tona, Hilda from Holland and Ouma for help in getting the pics to happen and all the kiddies to come this morning!

In an effort to identify as many contributors as possible the pictures of this distribution will be posted in small groups for ease of comments.  If you see a square, blanket, hat or toy that you sent to KAS.  Please let us know.  Every child did receive a pair of hand-warmers, they were placed inside the beanies for easier distribution.

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These home maybe a bit better than the Kya Sands Informal Settlement,

but with not electricity or heat they are extremely cold in the winter.

Lining up for the distribution at the community center.

From Athele:

I was told this morning that winters are so bitterly cold here in Clarens that sadly some children are known to freeze to death some years!  So I’m extra glad to have been part of being able to keep 91 children safe and warmer this winter, to be the last link in a long chain of love and care for those most vulnerable on our planet today.

Here’s another 35 of about 100 children to get extra Christmas cheer yesterday morning, thanks to Knit a Square contributors in more than 70 countries around the globe who each contributed, even if just a couple of squares, a pair of much needed hand warmers (a pair inside each hat, sorry I couldn’t get pics of them too.

The Three Little Pigs blanket by Marion Davies.

This wonderful blanket was made by Bozena Dijanic from Croatia.  This young man was given the dragon to recognize his courage. He has been through quite a bit, just by looking at his burn scars.

Doll made by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Blanket made by Bozena Dijanic from Croatia.

This beautiful angel is made by Bonnie in New York.  She sent in 32 toys.

Karen Gordon's amazing emoji squares.Another amazing doll by Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Jo Anna from Croatia has made this cute little cat blanket.

Judith Sullivan has mastered the art of making this South African Flag blanket.

Me again. Fifth photo from the bottom is my Farmers Market Blanket. I find blankets can sometimes look quite different when photographed under the bright African sun.

Thanks for your catching this.  Athele and Estelle try their best to identify all the blankets, but they sometimes slip through.  Athele will be thrilled to know who made this one.

Here is a bigger photo of Farmers Market.

Thank you so much for this, Amy. I'm 100% certain it's mine now I can see the border - but it does look much brighter than it did in England!

Yippee!!... And I spot my Emoji's too!

The third blanket is one of mine - sewn up by Estelle.   Thank you Athele for your courage in visiting this settlement to help the children stay warm.   It is an emotional experience to view these photographs and must have been even more emotional for you to be there.   I agree with other comments:   you are an ANGEL !

Thank you for identifying your beautiful work.

It amazes me that Athele and Estelle can keep track of almost every item.

I love this design of your.

Blanket from Jadranka Malekovic in Croatia.

Blanket by Silvija Kahriman from Croatia.

Blanket made by Bozena Dijanic.

Blanket sent from Croatia.

Blanket sewn by Estelle with Elaine Joubert's squares.

Blanket is from Sharon B.  Darling little mermaid is a Bozica Galenovic Duracic creation.

Square from Cathy Riley in the UK.

Blanket from Japan (we think).  Toy from Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Blanket from Juliet Ashwin.

Squares by Jill Lea and sewn together by Ana.

Blanket by Chris Chiplen.

Blanket by Jo Ana from Croatia.

Blanket made by Marija Talaja Pavlic in Croatia.

This stunning blanket is made by Ana Vodanovic, to from Bozica Galenovic Duracic,

both of these ladies are from Croatia.

Another beauty from Ana Vodanovic.

Blanket from Sunel Botes and another toy from Bozica Galenovic Duracic.

Lots of lovely photos of this special distribution. I am so pleased to see 2 of my blankets with their recipients. Thank you Athele.

How wonderful to know that these beautiful children received gifts this Christmas.  Three cheers for Jude and Co. for providing the necessary funding for this distribution.

Thank you to everyone involved in creating these treasures ... and for those who travelled so many miles to distribute them.  A special thanks to Athele and Estelle for taking the time to identify individual crafters.

We do so appreciate receiving photos of our work doing its intended job ... xo



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