Pam published this list in the January KasSnippets. I am just moving it here for quick reference for those who like to work/plan ahead 

Future Challenges!

After the Moderator team trawled through all the suggestions and ideas received from members we came up with the following list as the 'consensus' of membership support for these particular challenges.

However, nothing is set-in-stone, and, we can respond to additional Wish List Challenges from Ronda when needed!

We hope you will enjoy the various choices and the list will provide members with the chance to plan their stashes to meet the challenges!

Above all, the challenges are only a light-hearted attempt to make 'square bashing' fun, all squares are welcome at any time! The 'plain janes' are wonderful for framing the slightly fancy squares.


MARCH - Four Seasons Squares

APRIL - Sea, Seashore & Shells Squares

MAY - Variegated Yarn Squares

JUNE - Christmas Squares

JULY - Mandela Month & African themed Squares

AUGUST - Stripes, Zig-zags, Textures Squares

SEPTEMBER - Educational Squares

OCTOBER - Music/Notes/Instrument Squares

NOVEMBER - Toys and Games Squares & Knitted Teddies

DECEMBER - Squares for KasCare Aids awareness month - December 1st Worlds Aids Day

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Thanks Anne for getting this set-up - much appreciated!

Thanks Anne. A timely reminder for some of the months I particularly wanted to 'knit ahead' for.  :))

You  say  there  are  thirty  five  countries  contributing  to  the  blanket  effort.  You  also  have  thirty  five  squares  to  a  blanket.  Some  people  might  like  to  represent  each  nation  with  a symbolic  square.  Is  it  possible  to  know  which  countries  contribute  so  that  I  could  use  the  colours  of  their  flag?

Hi Mrs. Roe,

Please check out the Square Lists that Linda publishes each month for the various countries, here is a link to Aprils List :*Afbw6*uy6t5r2EYffdsAVXYjXW6lVpJ0-lWBMW/2013April4.pdf



Last year in April we had a Flags of the World Challenge - it is now stored in Closed Discussions, however, you can still view it and see the Flags that Mary provided, plus the squares created by members for inspiration!


Oops... just made a post meant for the June challenge... Scratch that!

Is someone assigned to host each month?

Yes, Cherry, there is a Moderator assigned to host a challenge every month. I was hosting the May challenge and Linda is currently hosting the June one.

Dear  Anne

I  went  shopping  today  for  wool.  Nothing  Christmas  like  took  my  fancy.  I  did  pick  up  some

lovely  Australian  autumn  colours.  Some  soft  pinks  like  the  bark  of  our  trees,  plus  flower  and

leaf  colours.  In  my  suburb  the  council  trees  are  coral  gums.  The  flowers  are  a  different

colour  each  year.  Oranges,  reds,  pinks.  We  also  have  a lot  of  bottle  brush  in  reds  and  yellows.

have  people  done  wildflowers ?  Or  herbs ?

Hi Mrs.G, these colours will make lovely squares!  The Challenge is a bit of fun, but does not have to be adhered to in any shape or form.  We want members to enjoy what they are doing, so Autumnal colours will be great!

Dear  Anne,

Not  only  am  I  new  to  KAS,  I  am  also  new  to  computers.

Have  you  done  wildflowers  yet ?  All  flowers  are  nice.  I  might  keep 

this  in  mind  for  when  we  do  educational.  I  like  the  ideas  of  the 

four  seasons.  I'm  in  the  middle  of  Autumn  at  the  moment.  I  am 

also  doing  stripes  in  diagonal  knitting  plus,  I  have  knitted  in  some

hearts.  I'd  like  to  do  one  Christmas  square  of  a  giant  snowflake. 

I  am  crocheting  a  dress.  I  would  also  like  to  make  a  cuddle  bag.

I  am  good  at  making  teddy bears,  but  I  would  like  to  do  some 

beanies.  I  am  making  good  progress  and  having  fun.  Best  Wishes,


Hi George

It sounds like you have lots of good ideas for squares so we'll look forward to seeing them!

About your question on wildflowers - last year we did a Challenge "Pick it from the Garden in May" and lots of flowers were made for that one.  Most themes lend themselves to flowers of some sort.  Next month (July) the theme is Africa - lots of scope there for flower squares.

Keep having fun!




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