Nothing is more fun than a chance to get together with some of our Kas-sisters!  Since Gloria was passing through on her way out west, we managed to arrange an afternoon at the mall in Newmarket.

What a blast! We traded lots of hugs, lots of laughs, lots of tips on knitting and crocheting, tips on the best way to send parcels.... and lots of KASchat.

Wendy made a video ( edited and posted by her daughters Maddie and Amelia Murray).  By the way, you will notice that everyone is looking very industrious except me - I had good intentions but Wen and Glo absconded with my yarn so Glo could give Wen a lesson in Tunisian crochet.

You can find the video here 

Here's the group - Christine Steeves, Wendy Lewis, Andrea Palmatier, Anne Powell, Gloria Grandy (Anne Connor wasn't able to join us as she was away for the weekend).  Gloria's wonderfully patient husband, Don, was here too but found mall-wandering preferable to crocheting.


Gloria with her fabulous Toronto Maple Leafs illusion blanket which she is making for a special person in her life


Crochet talk


Christine Steeves - truly a "kindred spirit"


Gloria gives a lesson


We are planning another get-together on May31 when Linda and Dave Maltby will be here.  We are hoping Anne Connor will be able to join us (can't wait to meet her).  If anyone is within driving distance of Newmarket, Ontario, and can join us, please message me and I will send you details.

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I agree, Barb.  It was a great time!  What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours ... with great people sharing a common bond ... the children of South Africa!!  

And I also agree that two hours just wasn't enough time ... although judging from Barb's beautiful honeycomb square (picture in the June theme discussion), it was adequate ... LOL

Thank you both, Barb and Beth, for helping to make my afternoon a little brighter and for sending me on my way with some very lovely memories ... xo

It really is nice to 'see you all'! Barb, your lesson in Tunisian has enabled you to produce a lovely square for June theme. Gloria, what a wonderful trip you have had! :))

What a great photo !   I agree 2 hours is not long enough.  Beautiful square Barb and the loops are an extra bonus :-)

I'm excited about my visit with Glo, though I must wait a few weeks as they won't be in the Sault until closer to the end of the month.  Hmm, I wonder how I can persuade them to stay longer ....

Glo, what a super duper trans Canada trip!  Just wonderful to see all the close encounters.

It sure was great to finally meet some KASisters!!  Barb and Gloria are wonderful people and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet them.  Gloria, I bought a tunisian crochet hook yesterday and have started working on a square...stay tuned for a picture in the June theme for the finished product :) Thanks for the great lesson!

Good for you, Beth!  I was thrilled that you and Barb wanted to learn Tunisian, and it was a treat for me to be able to give you a mini lesson.  I don't remember if you got the link to Kim Guzman's site or not.  Just in case you didn't, here it is ...

Her tutorials are really great!  Now I'm patiently (or perhaps not so patiently :) waiting to see a photo of your finished square. xo

What a lovely evening we had with Glo, her husband Don and grandson Damon !

I would have been soooo disappointed if they hadn’t been able to stop on their way back to Nova Scotia, since we were away when they came through in April.

You can see from the photo that Glo is never far from her yarn !  It was wonderful to meet her in person even though I’ve “known” her for 2 years. The conversation flowed easily as it does with good friends.  The men seemed to have lots to talk about as well [thank goodness!]

A lovely get-together in a beautiful setting.

You have certainly had a memorable trip 'out west', Glo....and thank you to everyone for sharing your pics and stories of your visits with 'our Glo' us the feeling that we were there, too.  :))

What a SPECIAL lady she is....and her 'sidekick', great is he???!!

I agree, I've been looking forwards to seeing these photos. Thanks for sharing with us, Linda!

Oh, I'm giggling with joy because everyone looks so happy.   What fun to have a chance to get together, and knit your way through a conversation.   And, may I say, that is one handsome trio of men!   Swoon!

Linda, I'm so glad you were able to meet Gloria. It looks like everyone had a good time. And you're so right about the conversation flowing.

Gloria, I can't help but smile at the sight of Damon's cell phone on the table beside him. Those young folks are never very far from theirs, are they? :-)

What great pics, Linda.  The only thing they don't show is the warm and happy memories we have in our hearts after this wonderful visit!  You guys are awesome!

I am truly blessed to have met with so many of our KASsisters across Canada.  Thank you and (((Hugs))) to every one of you contributed to the pleasure of my trip by taking the time to meet and visit with me.  We will definitely be doing it again ... somewhere ... sometime ... and soon, I hope! xo



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