Welcome to the Blanket Room for 2020.

We hope you will enjoy the variety of squares/blankets/designs 

that will be featured throughout this year.

If you spy some squares or even a blanket or two that you have crafted

please do let us know.

There's nothing like a group celebration.  :))

We rejoice in your talents and generosity.  

Here's a little taster of what you might see....

So, please keep your eyes peeled for your wonderful crafting and know that each and every square or blanket you create, is much needed and much appreciated.

Praise and many thanks to our sewing team who take our individual crafting, mix and match squares and sew these beautiful blankets together.

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Thank you so much for your time Patricia, a lot of work but so worth doing this, it is always a pleasure for me  to see the blankets. xo 

As they say - "always a pleasure, never a chore" - your time is appreciated, thanks ever so much Patricia. Kx

For the first time in an age I can see the photos - and such wonderful photos they are!!!  Thank you so much for taking them and sharing them.

This is the last batch of photos from the summer but don't worry, I've got plenty more to come which were taken from September onwards.

Group M

Love the 5th  blanket down with the alternating striped squares, so colourful. Also reminds me a bit of Licorice Allsorts!

As usual these days, I'm far behind in viewing the blanket room.   But, I just spotted my orange bobble car in one of these blankets, so I'm thrilled.

I just love all the colors and patterns that are in these blankets.  I hope the children are as excited as I am.

Group N

Thanks again for your time - you're doing a marvellous job and seem very organised Patricia!   

I'm chuffed to bits as I think all the squares in the second one down (50/50 styles in purples etc) are mine.   They do look nice together.

I want to also express a curiousity and respect to some of the different stitches used in the crocheted squares here and there - they're very eye-catching, Kx

Well done, Karen, I've now had you and Rebecca spot some of their squares but I'm still waiting to see any of mine!

Karen, your 50/50 squares look terrific.  I was wondering if it was one big square with triangles added in the corners, but now it sounds like individual squares that were 1/2 solid yarn and 1/2 variegated.  Either way it was a great idea.

And, I agree with you that the different crochet stitches are very interesting.   The blanket below yours has a stitch texture that I haven't seen before.  It looks like dominoes lined up, and the red border adds to it.  Congrats to whoever made it.

Thanks Patricia, your work is greatly appreciated. So many beautiful blankets!

These are photos taken from September onwards.

Group A



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