Welcome to the 2019 KAS Blanket Room.  We invite you to view many of the wonderful blankets that are made from our crafters efforts.  Eight inch (20 cm) squares and completed blankets make their way to the KAS Barn and will eventually be featured on this discussion page.  We hope that you might see one of your creations.

   Many thanks to the crafters, gogos and sewing warriors that sew the squares into blankets.

Happy Viewing

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Oh my, these quilts are absolutely beautiful!

Backed quilts are such a good idea for trying to keep the children warm whilst sitting or sleeping right on the ground, and these quilts are so beautiful.

Gosh these are really beautiful.   Hats off to the time, dedication and skill of the creaters ❤️

Can you give more information regarding  the backing to the quilts please?  Thank you.


Hi Carol. I don't have any further information regarding the backing for the quilting. Knit A Square focuses on knitting, crocheting and looming. I posted these photos of the quilts that came from Ronda's friend, to display her kindness and the beautiful work that she creates, but this is not on Ronda's 'wishlist' for Knit A Square members. Although we do not like to be discouraging....  the team in Knit A Square South Africa are all volunteers, receiving no remuneration for giving of their time in unpacking, sorting, recording, etc., the many parcels they receive each week, so it is important that we do not overload them with too many different items to sort, hence the request/wishlist is for squares, hats, handwarmers and toys. I hope you understand. :)

Another special batch of blankets with the following note from Ronda....you will read that nothing sent to KAS is EVER wasted or unusable......

As you know, for some years we have enjoyed having Barbs, Wendy and Leigh
Ann take our 'odd shaped' squares and return the most awesome blankets which they
have always called our
"NOT-A-SQUARE" blankets !!
We now have a group of ladies from the Waterval Retirement Village who loved
the idea and now there is a race afoot to see who can get to Knit-a-Square
first in order to scoop up the "not-a-squares" !!
Well, this morning we had our elderly ladies pop in and deliver the blankets
pictured here, with great excitement !
And off they went with more "not-a-squares" !!


They are gorgeous. I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that there are more and more volunteers for the "crazy" blankets ( as in "crazy" quilts!!). This is purely selfish as I have many misfits. My Alzheimer ladies love knitting, but often can't count and measure. I have many misfits looking for a good home. Mireille Legros helps me a great deal by taking misfits and making lovely blankets. However, there are so many that sending them to the Not So Square group has become a necessity. Thank you ladies for facing this challenge and producing such beautiful blankets.

i HAVE A few deadlines to meet so cut corners out of necessity.  I only do crazy paving style items - is there anyone local (UK only to keep my postal expenses down) who would like one or two "squares" or rectangles?    I can send to someone local (in the UK) to add to her/his  parcel of goodies.    Creative Carol CC UK    (Central England)

I have good friends who can support your charity when I am tied up with other commitments.  Thank you.  

From our dear Ronda in South Africa, 'hot off the press' this morning.....

HI ladies - only a few blanket pics this week as the BARN was a hive of activity and we also had two schoolgirls (on holidays) coming in to volunteer for their "community service hours".
These two were lovely and very co-operative, and they helped to sort out beanie sizes, and separate bags of beanies from the handwarmer bags and the soft toy bags, so we are clearer now on stock levels as we begin to get really busy on distributions.  
We are becoming so well known now, that many "regulars" call us each year now for help with their particular outreach areas ... mostly poor schools in the outlying areas.
One such person is a man named Myer Pincus whose wife, Cheryl, is calling in on Tuesday 2nd to collect 100 blankets and 160 beanies for pre-school children in an area called Saulsport - somewhere in the northwest province, I think ?? And we have received an urgent appeal from a neonatal nurse in one
of our outlying government clinics (where people wait 4 days in the queue to see a doctor and invariably the only medicine available is Panado, an over the counter analgesic, the cheapest on the market !!!)  We are in a mess -the suffering is too awful.
Those of us who drive, take with us a few really large beanies each week -to hand out on the streets.  The weather is bitter and there are people standing at every traffic light, shivering in the wind.  And they are SO grateful for a tin of food, or a bottle of water, some biscuits, bread or fruit, and of course - a warm beanie. Heart breaking to know that they are sleeping in ditches at night ... it does my head in and, all over again, I cannot sleep at night.
Anyway, enough of that.  I should assure you that I buy these items with my own money, not KAS's !

As you will see, the four blankets at the end, after the "Valerie" sign, are
from Valerie Zalewski in France - they are gorgeous !  
We are receiving the most wonderful squares ... as you will see.

Aren't Team South Africa just the bestest?? (Rhetorical question). Like me, I'm sure you wish you were there to give a little comfort to those who find themselves living on the streets with no warmth, or money to buy food. 

My apologies, Valerie. I will post the second batch with blankets from you, tomorrow.  :))

Heartbreaking to know that so many people are in such dire circumstances. Many Kids/People in the western world don't know how lucky they are, they complain about how hard done by they are if they don't have the latest designer clothes, phone and computer!



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