I found a bag of yarn at the thrift store last month and made it a personal challenge to use it all up in one month. I did it!

As soon as my blog gets approved, I'll post pictures of my weekly progress. Well. I'll *try* to post pics. "Barb" and "tech savvy" are three words that never appear in the same sentence...lol.

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Oh hey! And just like that, it's done! I read that blogs needed approval. Maybe that's changed. At any rate, here we go with trying to post pics.

This is the yarn I got for $4.00. The beige-y stuff is mostly thin, like baby weight. There are a couple of skeins that feel scratchy. I wonder if it's wool. The middle is baby weight. The pile on the right is worsted. Bulky on the lower left. Super bulky lower middle and a fun nubby yarn lower right.


What a super bonanza for $4 Barb!  It's a feast for the eyes. And high fives on using it all up in a month!

You can always do the "burn" test on unknown yarns.  We had quite a discussion about Unknown Yarns on KAS a few years back.  Generally it seems wool will burn to cinders but acrylic yarns just melt into blobs.  (put a small snippet on a garden stone and light it up)  If that would help?

I just went through some bags my daughter found in the back of the closet and there's some babyweight yarn in white that I am doubling with worsted weight yarn in dark green to make a chunky yarn weight.  Another KASer and I are making up 35 chunky yarn squares and will ship them in one bunch so nobody in South Africa will have a fit trying to match their ultra thickness with much thinner squares.  One less headache we figure!

That nubbly beige yarn bottom right seems interesting. I imagine used with another color it will work up very warm and an interesting texture for the children to feel as well.  I shall read the yarn tail (tale) to find out what you did with it.

At the end of the first week I had made the go-over, 2 hats and 2 squares. The pink and orange in the go-over are both so light that it's hard to see the colour difference. I also had to raid my other stash to complete it.

And this is what the pile looks like. Not a huge difference at this point.


I love the pastel rainbow of colors on the Go-Over vest!  Nice solid wine square too and 2 warm hats with spunky pompoms!

I love how you made the G-O with the big square!

Thanks, Robin!

Week two. Two more hats and five squares.


The diminishing pile.

Interesting, can't wait to see what's used up next. You're sure making inroads!

Week three. One more hat and five squares. I combined two of the thinner beige skeins with the nubby yarn to make it thicker. This is a wonderful hat...thick and warm. I was tempted to keep it for myself.

Yarn is almost gone.

Ahhhh, I was wondering if you'd use the nubbly yarn with a similar beige...the hat did work up wonderfully, I am not surprised you considered keeping it.  I love the bold stripes in the squares!

Week 4. I did it! I used it all up in a month. Two more hats (I had to raid the lime green from my stash) and three squares. The multi coloured square is made from the little bits of leftover worsted. I was determined to use up as much as I possibly could.

This is all that's left. It'll get put into the odds and ends box which I use to make cuddles.

Super!   Great squares and warm hats...what a lot of work and BRAVO on accomplishing so much. What a blessing for the children!

And I love your idea of using any suspect scratchy yarn up high in the crown of the hats....clever thinking!



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