Welcome everyone, to the August Challenge of Stripes, Zigzags and Textures. I hope you will join me in a month of fun and interesting squares.

Super Stripes will be a great way of stashbusting your current yarn supplies in readiness for....more yarn buying....and who doesn't like to do that???

Zany Zig zags come in all guises and there are sure to be many variations and interpretations....no pressure...lol.

TerrificTextures will be great for using up all the fun fur and other weird and wonderful yarns that you can't find a project for.....but this is also a great opportunity for all of us to do the much needed plain janes, because what can be more textured than a garter stitch or single crocheted square?

So, no strain on your thinking caps this month, let's all just have fun  and see if we can't fill the second KASvan for Ronda and team. 

Please remember to record the squares you make in THE DRIVE TO FILL RONDA’S KASVAN  again at http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/the-drive-to-fill-ronda...

AUGUST 2013 CHALLENGE - FuzziesAugust Challenge-Textured squarePeachy ZigZagsAugust Challenge 2013 - Stripes, Zig zags and Textures

IllusionThumbnailBlock & 4 Row RibScarf - reversible Huckaback weaveScarf - twill weaveBlue And Gold ZigZag
pink square

 Gitta has so very kindly provided a link for the Challenge album. Thanks Gitta.


Gitta has just informed us that we have filled one album already. Here is the link to the second album: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/august-challenge-stripe... Thank you Gitta...and thank you EVERYONE for your contributions and participation, whether it be items or comments. Well done everyone, we are now on our 3rd album. Here is the link: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/august-challenge-stripe... Thanks Gitta.  :))
Laurie has very generously set up a Pinterest board for the August challenge. Thanks Laurie. Please check it out here: 


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Stash-busting has been happening this month, and I am sorry to say that I have run out of remnants!  Yes, it is true... but I don't have much of a stash to bust, so that's not saying much, really.  These chain stitch squares are so fun, and so fast that I wish I could raid other KAStash.

(Apologies once again, because I have taken up a lot of space because I still do not know how to tile photos.)

Today's squares are more made with the chenille yarn.  Slightly different colours, but much the same as some I did earlier.  I am reaching the end of my leftover bits, but there is still enough to do 2 more chenille squares and a few other oddments.  Will see what I can come up with tonight to finish up for the last day of the stripes and textures challenge.

Thought I'd get these in before this month's challenge is over.  I'm really enjoying crochet, and love how quickly I can turn out squares.

These are some I've crocheted using the KAS pattern.

I wasn't going to post any more pics for this month, but I really liked how the colors came out on this one....so here is one last stripey diagonal for August :)

Thank you to Bev, for all your work on this challenge and I'm praying that you are feeling much better!!  Hugs and kudos to you my friend!!


One more stripe square!

This is my second attempt at this stitch which I think I got off the internet,  and I do  admit the edges could be much   neater,  The actual pattern is a lot easier than it looks. :

Row 1 - Knit

Row 2 - Knit 2 together across the row

Row 3 - Knit into the front and back of each stitch

Row 4 - Purl. 



Last squares for the last day of this challenge. on the left is a 'Fancy' striped square and on the right a plainer one.  The fancy stripes square does have an alternating pattern to it, my leading edge didn't turn out quite as neatly as usual either, the yarns were 'generous' 8 ply's and as such were a little harder to carry up neatly, (especially with 3 colours).  The lighter stripes are that same pink that I had trouble photographing before.

Used up just about my last few scraps in my knitting box for these.  I can now get out some 'new' yarn for the new challenge LOL.

August Challenge 2013 - Stripes, Zig zags and Textures.

These are my 'yesterday' squares.....the light inside was just hopeless and it 'blew a gale' all day yesterday, so outdoor photography was simply not possible. Blowing a gale again today, but managed to grab about three minutes of 'milder' breeze and quickly took a couple of shots. The red is super bright as is the yellow (used in previous squares) but not showing up for me.

August Challenge 2013 - Stripes, Zig zags and Textures

Stripes. I have learned that alternating one or two rows of solid colour with the same in variegated, when one of the colours is in the variegated doesn't make for very good stripes. Only wider stripes work. However, I will probably forget this lesson by the time I do this combo type again....lol. These will probably be my last squares for this challenge...wanted to finish with a textural patterned square, but tomorrow is Fathers Day here in Oz and I want to go visit my Dad so that means 'chore time' today.....and I have to bear in mind the time differences for those in time zones ahead of me...I don't want to run into Anne's challenge, which I am looking forward to with MUCH anticipation....no pressure, Anne....LOL. :))

My final square for this Challenge.   I wish it would have been a beautifully knitted one, but unfortunately, my needles seem to be jinxed this month and everything goes wrong.  There was so much back-tracking on this one that the yarn gave up and went limp!  It is actually an easy slip stitch pattern, but the quality of knitting here is very poor.... please just look at the bright colors.


Thanks so much Bev for heading up this challenge, which has been great fun.  I had so much more that I planned to do and didn't get finished ... but maybe next time.  Take care.


My last two squares for this month.  I enjoy all the KAS challenges, but this has been one of my favourites. Fellow knitters have given me so many ideas in the way of new stitches,  different patterns of stripes and using fuzzy wool which had never occurred to me.  Thank you to everyone involved. 

My last one for August.  Thankyou Bev for running the challenge.



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