Welcome everyone, to the August Challenge of Stripes, Zigzags and Textures. I hope you will join me in a month of fun and interesting squares.

Super Stripes will be a great way of stashbusting your current yarn supplies in readiness for....more yarn buying....and who doesn't like to do that???

Zany Zig zags come in all guises and there are sure to be many variations and interpretations....no pressure...lol.

TerrificTextures will be great for using up all the fun fur and other weird and wonderful yarns that you can't find a project for.....but this is also a great opportunity for all of us to do the much needed plain janes, because what can be more textured than a garter stitch or single crocheted square?

So, no strain on your thinking caps this month, let's all just have fun  and see if we can't fill the second KASvan for Ronda and team. 

Please remember to record the squares you make in THE DRIVE TO FILL RONDA’S KASVAN  again at http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/the-drive-to-fill-ronda...

AUGUST 2013 CHALLENGE - FuzziesAugust Challenge-Textured squarePeachy ZigZagsAugust Challenge 2013 - Stripes, Zig zags and Textures

IllusionThumbnailBlock & 4 Row RibScarf - reversible Huckaback weaveScarf - twill weaveBlue And Gold ZigZag
pink square

 Gitta has so very kindly provided a link for the Challenge album. Thanks Gitta.


Gitta has just informed us that we have filled one album already. Here is the link to the second album: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/august-challenge-stripe... Thank you Gitta...and thank you EVERYONE for your contributions and participation, whether it be items or comments. Well done everyone, we are now on our 3rd album. Here is the link: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/august-challenge-stripe... Thanks Gitta.  :))
Laurie has very generously set up a Pinterest board for the August challenge. Thanks Laurie. Please check it out here: 


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Some lovely warm striped squares from Joyce Telling.

21 Aug 2013-1

I was very lucky in finding 8 balls of pink 4ply Baby Merino wool in a charity shop. It really made my day as I am trying my best to keep knitting in pure wool or yarn with a percentage of wool. I suppose these squares would also fit into the striped category as would the previous ones I have made.

As you can see, Joyce has been very industrious.....another bunch of snuggly, striped squares. Well done Joyce!!

21 Aug 2013-2

More striped wool/wool-mix squares ready to be sent to SA.

Fuzzy purple bobble bow

August 2013 Bobble Bow

Another illusion square, called Circle of Love ... really hard to photograph so the hearts show up looking like hearts instead of butterflies.  When looking straight down, it is just a red and white stripe.

August Challenge 2013 - Stripes, Zig zags and Textures

Stripes in my fave colours... Hot pink, sparkly fuzzy, teamed with mauve and purple....as per usual my beastly camera didn't like the colours, either indoors or outdoors.

Yet another dull as ditch-water day today, so had to photograph indoors.  Lighting as usual isn't the best, the pink square is not as pale as it looks in the photo. ( These are more 'texture' squares).

Anyway, not sure what to call these squares, they are kind of broken, broken rib squares LOL! Basically I followed the broken rib pattern in the KAS pattern book for 4 rows on the pink and 6 rows on the blue, then I reversed it, for 4 or 6 rows and repeated till the square was large enough.  I think I like the look of the blue square best as it seems more distinctive, (it had 6 rows) as the pattern is a little harder to see on the pink square.  These were a lot of fun to do as I decided to just 'try' my alteration idea and see how it went and I think they turned out pretty well.

Another fuzzy. 

I had other plans for the flower squares but once I finished the background .....

August Challenge-texture and stripes

Striped Spiral

August 2013 Striped Spiral

Another dark one, but it's plush with 2 threads throughout of rich brown or rich red, or the threads intertwined.  Still using up some of my "darker" colors.  I'm going to try to mail a package next week, and then not put too much pressure on myself for a few weeks, as I get ready and go on my trips up the coast of California and then to France for two weeks.  September I'll be more away from home than at home.

I made this baby blanket in a day and a half after seeing my pencils arrived in SA :). Even though they're only pencils, it's reaffirming to know they got there in the first place. It measures 25 by 28 inches.

I made this square using that Navajo-plying technique that someone talked about many pages back.  The yarn is Bernat Baby Sport, triple thickness from one skein!  It was a lot of fun to make.



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