Athele is visiting in Zimbabwe:

"Found this little family on the road outside of Harare, Zimbabwe to give two blankets and a fluffy toy ... Beyond thrilled to get these welcome manifestations of love and hope from around the world.

Thank you Knit-A-Square for making it possible for me to play a role in spreading loving care to those who have so little. I wish you could have been there to experience their joyous surprise at having this manna from heaven suddenly fall into their arms!! The happiest part of a truly magical birthday! [Athele's birthday, September 4]

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This dear girl was wearing what looked like a hand me down bridesmaids dress which had seen many better days, covered by a threadbare cardigan. She’d just suffered a head trauma and seemed to be waking back from the clinic, barefoot, with her mom and baby sister. She was absolutely overjoyed with her multicolored blanket."

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Happy Birthday, Athele!!!

Thank you for sharing this gifting with us. It's these extra special moments that make being part of KAS so amazing and humbling.

Knit-a-Square takes direct action - and truly makes a difference, well done Athele!

Happy Birthday Athele!  Really lovely to see this spontaneous gifting and the pleasure it brought !

An update from Athele:

Loved our visit to Kambuzuma District Office outreach to vulnerable children of the community. Only Wished I had more to give and felt bad about those for whom we had nothing this time. I did Promise them I’d be back before the year is over with goodies for those who missed out this time. This outreach is run by wonderful Oupa who makes sure that the most vulnerable children in the community get fed, clothed and taken care of until nightfall when they return to their homes. Many are AIDS orphans who have been taken in by family who are already impoverished. Some have parents who are too sick from AIDS to be able to work or take care of their children. Absolutely heartwarming to have been part of a global team bringing care to vulnerable children in Africa.
I made Sure to tell the children that all who volunteered to make this possible did so out of love and care for them.
Bless all the loving hands who made this possible. Especially Tracey Lovemore who was a wonderfully entertaining taxi, not even losing her cool when google maps got us hopelessly lost and sent us on diabolical tracks suitably only for pedestrians and donkeys. Made of good fearless stock, your niece is,Ronda darling!
And bless you Tanj for having the kind of heart which would offer a lift to Oupa one day and in doing so lead us to all these vulnerable children we could reach out a caring hand to and for setting it all up!!

Oupa, the angel who takes care of these 30 children, explaining to the little ones who were going to get blankets, about where and how the blankets came to be.

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So delighted with her handmade dolly. thanks so much to Bozica from the lovely Croatian contributors

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Valerie Zalewski, your rose squares were a favorite and went to a timid little one who was last in the queue

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These three girls were thrilled with their blankets and dollies. Tanj said she saw one throwing it up in the air in delight :-)

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The little girl with the monkey got to choose first and she went straight for him

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 Four little girls sitting on a bench, getting to know their handmade dollies

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The little girl with the dolly told me she was Very happy with her!

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Nyarai (affectionately known as Gogo and domestic helper to a friend of mine in Harare) has a daughter in law who is orphaned, epileptic and unemployed. Her son barely scrapes a living out of gardening and odd jobs. She was overjoyed to receive a blanket, beanie and toy for their brand new baby. She asked me to send her gratitude to all at knit a square for making this possible. May God bless you all, she said. She has promised to send a picture for us of baby wrapped in her blankie and wearing her beanie

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Thank you so much, Athele for the update and photos of your visit to Zimbabwe. It truly warms the heart to see all the lovely, caring crafting of our members, being received by the children.....and I love the 'never give up' attitude, when trying to find your destination.  :))

Thank you for posting, Linda.  :))

Ronda sent me Athele's Zimbabwe pics, but I found this one must have slipped through the net! They are obviously the goodies that Athele took with her :

More news from Athele:

Lovely Cecelia, my weekly domestic helper, kindly offered to take blankets Estelle & Co created from our marvelous contributors’ squares, beanies with matching hand warmers and two of Bozica's unique character hand made dolls and a lovely teddy, with her and all her luggage on taxis and buses to her home in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. She’s leaving tomorrow, but it’s a trip that will take the better part of two days and one in which luggage is at a premium. But she took Knit-A-Square’s kind contribution with such gratitude as one of her neighbors’ family is in dire straits. Three orphaned children aged between 5 and eight, two girls and a boy, being cared for as best possible by their unemployed uncle. She says she always buys something for them because she feels so bad for them. She was overjoyed at what the KAS community made possible for her. She promised pictures of the children with their gifts. And a message from the children by WhatsApp. Ronda, I made sure to impress upon her the KAS Message; that God loves them. That they are unique and special. And that all of us care about their well being.

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Athele: I should clarify that this tiny distribution is going with Cecelia who will be taking many taxis and buses to their destination. The week after next my friend Tanj will take a few on the plane home. Then I’m hoping to organize a palette for Ronda’s niece to get into the most impoverished homes around Harare, Zimbabwe.

Estelle:  As you most probably know there is nothing in Zimbabwe at the moment: the supermarket shelves are bare there is no petrol and no money. Ronda also has a soft spot for Zim and her niece is working with Athelé. There were some very happy children after Ath’s visit.

Thank you for sharing these distributions with us, Ath, Estelle and Linda.  :))

Very sad to hear of the conditions for the children and the country. Soooo glad that KAS is able to spread a little love by whatever means possible.

How kind of Cecelia to take the goodies to the family, despite the fact that she will have a long journey, with plenty to carry of her own. What a star!

Thank you for sending stuff to Zimbabwe. Its generally forgotten but I've never forgotten a previous KAS posting about how Mugabe made caring for orphans illegal. 

Thank you so much for these messages and photos. It is good to know that KAS can reach individual families in need as well as creches. Athele, thank you for the update on your distribution. The children all look especially happy with the toys!



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