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Celebrations bring family, friends and community together.

What is your favourite celebration?
Two Angels  Sleigh With Reindeer GArdens 41-42
ChristmasReds  OCTOBER CHALLENGE - Christmas Stripes Christmas Plain Janes
GardenBunny  Some Bunny is looking at you.
Easter Bunny in July
St. Patrick's Day?
Another Four Leaf Clover  FourLeafClover-1  May Challenge - Shamrock
Valentine's Day?
August. Va Va Voom.  Jan COM 2022  June 2021 Theme - Hearts and Flowers
Bastille Day?
Go For The Gold - July 2020
Rio Carnival?
SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE - Carnival plain janes  SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE - Little boy with Carnival balloons    4 NEON squares - Feb 2020 Theme  P1020026
FEBRUARY -Opposites Attract
Chinese New Year?
The lucky colours for 2022 are...cerulean blue, fiery red, mint green and imperial yellow. These colours are derived from the four elements of Feng Shui.
SQUARE 10 of 35  2 Sparkly squares - Think Girls Theme June 2018  Square 8 of 35
SQUARE 1 of 35 Squares
La Tomatina?
Grit Stitch  Just for Fun - Christmas Challenge
Glastonbury Festival?
Notes 8" x 24" TC Piano Keyboard.
May 2019 Theme - Finger Snappin', Toe Tappin', Music.
Mandela Day?
February 2018 Theme - Celebrate Africa
There are surely many many more that I have not thought of, or know about, so please.... let's share in colourful squares.
Colour of the month is.....RED.
Here are a few shades to get you started...haha.

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Here we are in 2002, ready for lift off.

Mum(Colina) aged 78, myself and hubby Owen.


Soory having trouble adding photos today.

Here is Sandra’s photo of a special hot air balloon flight in 2002……

20 years later, a beautiful balloon blanket….

A wonderful photo and memory of a balloon flight with your mum and hubby Sandra and a spectacular balloon blanket! :))

A fab memory, Sandra. What a great photo!!

What a clever way to commemorate a special memory, Sandra.

So exciting!   Love the memory for you and your family.   I hope it inspires a lucky child to let their imagination soar to great heights.

My last two squares for this month (and actually completed on time!)

I made these little cross-stitch pieces so long ago that I can't even tell which decade it was.   And, I thought I had given away all these crafty bits many, many years ago.   So imagine my surprise when I cleaned out a closet and found them in a work basket.   Just in time for the Celebrations theme.

Attaching them to the backing squares took longer than making the squares, which means that my admiration for those who regularly use appliques has been renewed and enhanced.

Thank you for a terrific month with creative and joyful contributions from everyone.

Aww, these are SO sweet, Sharon!! I LOVE the look of cross stitch, but would never have the patience for doing it....or the eyesight, these days.

What a wonderful surprise to find in your closet....I think I would find unfinished knitting projects....hahaha.

I hear you about the sewing on of appliques, I'm even slower at that than my knitting.  :))

Two fabulous squares Sharon I can’t wait for all these beautiful squares to arrive. 

Colour of the Month Squares.

Lovely squares, Patricia.   I love the texture this pattern gives.   It will be fun for little hands to explore.

Oh YAY!! I have been hanging out all month to see if you would make some of these in the CoM, Patricia.  :))  (no pressure...lol)

They look FAB in this colour!! Thank you, thank you!!

They will add much cheer and texture to a blanket, especially if they should land in a Chrissy blanket.  :))



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