Yay! A theme I can certainly relate to.........image.png
While many people were learning new skills during lockdown, I was discovering new sweet treats......not cooking them, just eating them. Some of which I will share this month, along with my other favourites.
Many of my most favourite memories of my mother's cooking involve 'sweet treats'.  Melting moments, coconut jam drops, lemon pudding, six inch tall, double sponges filled with cream and dusted on top with icing sugar and strawberry jelly cakes.  I remember the first marble cake; being so intrigued by the marbled chocolate, pink and vanilla  all in one cake....I thought my mother was a magician...how could she get all the colours to appear like that???..
 On the rare occasion when I went grocery shopping with my Mum and Grandma, I was allowed to buy one or two lollies. I usually chose two green  frogs (not the red ones...haha). I could get two for 8 cents, in those days

Today, there is such a wide variety of  sweet treats....and doesn't everything taste better, when covered in chocolate?...haha
Please join me this month in sharing some faves, both old and new.
Cadbury Dairy Milk engages Bulletproof for 'marvellous' chocolate bar launch | The Drum
Our colour of the month (CoM) is black. Some may say that this is rather boring or a non-colour, but I think black makes the pastels pop, the brights pop and the stripes positively sparkle.  :))

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I'm guessing that Easter is a pretty popular holiday in your house then, Bev!

We're aware that Australians have Christmas in the summer but I'd never really thought before about your Easter being in the autumn. Here we associate Easter with new life, and the spring season seems to represent that so well, but it's completely different for you. KAS is a learning curve in so many ways.

Bev, I love your Black Cat square, and your thinking about chocolate coating.   Whatever is good, will be better with chocolate!

I love the black cat silhouette Bev and the lovely shade of blue square :))

Once again a fabulous intro Bev. It’s only April 2nd and my goodness you have all been busy little bees...not sure of everyone will be busy “ little “ bees after you’ve tasted all the sweet treats you’re about to create, one has to taste the real product to get a feel of how to proceed. 
Love your choice of Black for the colour of the month Bev, besides all the delicious licorice we always need black squares. 
Fabulous blankets and squares so far ladies enjoy another fun filled creative month. 

Licorice Allsorts blanket, I adore licorice!

Diane this is a sensation on the senses!     Very well done.    It's so eye-catching!!!

My word, Diane, this is perfection!  What a perfect interpretation of Licorice Allsorts.  I am not a licorice lover, but I am grinning from ear to ear :))))   Well done ... xo

I'm with you, Gloria, not a big fan of licorice, but LOVE this blanket.   Bright colors, interesting shapes, and it even seems to have a big smile on a face!   A Happy Blanket is always a winner.

Fabulous blanket, Diane - you certainly know your liquorice allsorts!

FABULOUS blanket, Diane....GREAT interpretation!! Love the colours and also how you have included those round allsorts, not just the square ones. Also, you managed to incorporate the colour of the month. Well done you!!

You are a gal after my own heart. I LOVE licorice, too.  :))

I seem to be the only one spelling liquorice with a "q". Is it different in different countries?

That's the way I spell it (in the UK).  I have a packet here made by Klene which is Dutch and they spell it with a q.



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