This month we will travel across the continent of Africa with most of our attention on South Africa.

We will explore the treasures of the Egyptian pyramids, the wonders of the Okavango Delta, the majesty of Victoria Falls, the flowing waters of the Nile River, the smells and colors of a Moroccan Bazaar, the sands of the Sahara Desert, the snow capped mountains of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the beauty of our beloved South Africa.

Our squares, blankets, toys, hand-warmers and beanies can show us the colors of this continent from the people...

...to the animals...

...to flags...

...and designs...

In past years, Knit a Square has had many distributions on Mandela Day, July 18. We try to have many blankets and items that focus on South Africa, animals, colors and culture.  Our theme is early enough so that we can post our items to be included in this special event.

Since gold can be found in many of the countries in Africa our Color of the Month (COM) is gold/yellow.  Our Pattern of the Year is the Plain Jane, a square of one solid color, usually made with a single crochet or a garter stitch, but they can also be made with other textured stitches.

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Marion, these two blocks leave me speechless.  You have truly captured a mother cheetah with her young cubs.  

We are blessed that you are sharing this incredible cross stitch with us.

Thank you so much.

Amy, thank you for an information-packed month.  I don’t know about others, but I can honestly say you have furthered my education.  Africa is definitely worth exploring.  For those of us who don’t "do" airplanes, the information and photos you shared this month are the next best thing!

Thank you for inspiring such beauty for the children's blankets.  And thank you to the knitters and crocheters who answered the call for themed squares ... and GOLD PJs ... xo  

Oh my goodness Marion I love your Cheetah and her baby. Gloria the children will love all of the squares from this month’s theme incorporated into their blankets, so so much talent...but what about me I absolutely love them and all I can do is thank you all from the children and all of the volunteers who have the pleasure working with your squares.

You are one VERY talented lady, Marion. Your cross stitch squares are absolutely divine!! 

Looking at them, it is soooo hard to believe that they are not just  (paper) photos. I cannot imagine having the concentration (let alone the sewing skills) to complete these beauties. Bravo!!

The last squares of this fun, informative month.

Knitted strip, 3 squares long, in the Field and Furrows pattern.

Tunisian Miter squares in gold.

Many THANKS Amy for a wonderful month, a veritable armchair tour of Africa, all shades of yellow and gold, and all kinds of interesting techniques and stitches.

Sharon, your knitted block is stunning and looks like an animal hide.  

Your PJs just make our COM, yellow, collection that much more special.   

January can be a sunny month.

January has certainly been a sunny time in my part of the world.  These are SUPER, Sharon!!

LOVE your field and furrows...the colours are FAB!!

The Field & Furrows pattern looks so good worked like this, Sharon, and the TC squares are lovely.

Sharon the F&F pattern in variegated works up a treat.     Such a pretty effect to do a larger square in.  Bravo!

Sharon, you have really brought that F&F pattern to life here :)  You've made me want to make another one!  And your ... yes, your ... TC miter pattern is perfection :)))) ... xo

Glad you approve, Gloria.   The Fields and Furrows pattern is so much fun once you get started that I just want to keep going, so I do!   It does make a nice little 3-square strip, and it is perfect for the self-striping yarns because the gradations in color show up without being chopped off.

And, the TC miter pattern is so fast that I get almost instant gratification!  really good positive feedback on a day when other things haven't gone so perfectly.

Sharon, when you worked the F&F panel, did you go back and repeat or continue on with the cowl/scarf pattern.  Perhaps its a repeat anyway, but I don't recall.  A long time ago I made the cowl for the RJSK to sell.  I don't think it hit the table before it sold!  It is an incredibly beautiful design.

I'm sorry your day hasn't gone as planned.  I hope It gets back on track soon ... xo



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