This month we will travel across the continent of Africa with most of our attention on South Africa.

We will explore the treasures of the Egyptian pyramids, the wonders of the Okavango Delta, the majesty of Victoria Falls, the flowing waters of the Nile River, the smells and colors of a Moroccan Bazaar, the sands of the Sahara Desert, the snow capped mountains of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the beauty of our beloved South Africa.

Our squares, blankets, toys, hand-warmers and beanies can show us the colors of this continent from the people...

...to the animals...

...to flags...

...and designs...

In past years, Knit a Square has had many distributions on Mandela Day, July 18. We try to have many blankets and items that focus on South Africa, animals, colors and culture.  Our theme is early enough so that we can post our items to be included in this special event.

Since gold can be found in many of the countries in Africa our Color of the Month (COM) is gold/yellow.  Our Pattern of the Year is the Plain Jane, a square of one solid color, usually made with a single crochet or a garter stitch, but they can also be made with other textured stitches.

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I'm sold ... a PERT PJ it is.   I'm so glad you told us this charming story, and now I can continue making PERT PJs all year long, because I love making chain-stitch squares, and miter squares, and knit squares in stockinette with a seed stitch border.

But .... um, I hate to ask ... I almost never manage to get my single crochet squares (Yes, I'm American and use this terminology) to exactly the right size, so usually end up doing a border around them to bring them up to size.    Does that make it a PERT PJ, because of the border???    I don't think it matters for warmth, but just for curiosity.

Sharon, if you crochet a square in sc back and forth, it's a TRUE PJ.  Add a crochet border in the same color and - voilà! - you've created a PERT :))) ... xo

What a great walk down memory lane.  I am sure you all had quite the laughter going at the time.

Thanks for sharing, and straightening things out for the year.

I don't want to suck the humour out of the post but I do think we should emphasise for people who use UK terminology that where you say double crochet squares are often too thin - for us you mean treble crochet squares are too thin, as most of us do make double crochet squares! Sorry to keep putting a dampener on this topic but I do think it's important to minimise the confusion.

OOPS!  You're absolutely right, Patricia.  Thank you!  No 'humour-sucking' taken ... haha  Double Crochet (British) squares are perfectly okay!  So to clarify ...

A crochet TRUE PJ is

single crochet (American)/double crochet (British)

- back and forth -

- no round and round -

- no double crochet (American)/treble crochet (British) -

in just one colour

Thanks, Gloria. Out of interest, is it just the UK that uses UK terminology? What about South Africa, Australia, European countries, etc.?

Very good question, Patricia.  Here in Canada, I learned and use US terminology.  Can we please hear from some of our fellow crafters in other countries?  What crochet terms did you learn and use?

When I lived in Australia, I found that they used the British terminology for crochet, which I hadn't been exposed to before.   

I'm not sure if native Australians learn both or mainly stick with one or the other.  

Here are my Pj's so far this month..and my goodness now I have no idea what kind they are! 

I've used a remnant ball of around 45g of GOLD DK to knit 2 hats (2 strand), and a 100g bright yellow DK ball for 4 different squares and a hat.   (I had a very fine pale yellow mix wool in my stash which I had previously been unsure of how I'd use, so I used it for a second strand for the 3 hats).

The ‘kind’ doesn’t matter....they are lovingly made, beautifully crafted, bright, squares of warmth and some gorgeous hats :))

Anne would have loved all the yellow this month!

These are so much fun and filled with lots of texture.

Love the gold that you have used, too.

Goodness, Karen, these are all so lovely!  As others have said, it doesn't matter what type of PJ they are.  The point is they are ALL PJs ... single-colour squares ... and they will each be a warm and bright addition to a child's blanket ... xo

Amy, if you're counting, I've zoomed in and it appears that the top square is a TRUE PJ (garter stitch knit) while the other 3 squares are PERTs ... beautifully knit patterns ...xo



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