A Little Bit of Fun, A Few Good Giggles, and A Whole Lot of Happy Christmas Wishes!

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Bev, this is lovely.  Thank you.  I have always loved this song and the story behind it :) Merry Christmas everyone ... and in the words of Tiny Tim ... God bless us ... everyone!  xo

Here is the story behind the song Bev has shared:


Thank you, Glo. I did not know the story behind it.....beautiful.   xo

I'm thinking that maybe it was a song from my childhood, too, as in the story the gentleman said it was sung by Bing Crosby and my my mum loved to listen to him, Perry Como and Dean Martin.

What is it about Christmas that makes old memories surface?

For some reason this morning, my mind wandered back to when I was in my late teens and a student nurse the the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. So many of our patients had really serious diseases and were not allowed to go home for Christmas, but every effort was made to make it a very special day for them.

The day started off with jingling bells and lots of noise and Ho-Ho-Hos in the hallways.  HSC owned a wonderful gigantic Santa sleigh (with wheels under the runners) and it travelled through the whole hospital accompanied by interns dressed up as Santa and two of his elves. Each child received a visit from Santa and a very large red sack full of toys (specially chosen for them by the head nurse a few days before). The children were amazed and delighted, and for those of us on duty Christmas day, it was probably one of the happiest, most fun Christmas mornings ever.

Because I lived in Toronto, at the end of the shift, my Dad arrived and picked up as many of my classmates who were from out of town and could not get home for dinner, as we could squeeze in the car, and we all went to my home where my Mom served a Christmas feast.

Good times!  Happy memories.

What a wonderful memory, Anne.  Obviously your parents were very loving and caring people ... and also obvious is the fact that they raised a daughter who is just like them :)   Merry Christmas ... xo

Just dropping by to wish everyone a wonderful and peaceful Christmas full of joy and love.

I've only been a member of the forum for less than a year but I would like to thank everyone for making me feel so at home and such a part of the KAS family. I am always amazed and touched by the creativity and generosity of each and every one of you. Here's to 2017, may it be a year full of love and happiness and the continuation of the wonderful work of KAS.

May God bless you all,

Helen xx

I like Christmas decorations but are a bit rubbish at doing them myself. However this afternoon I decided to decorate my yarn winder with some lights I got from the bargain store and a light up bird I already had!

So Christmas Greeting from my not very tidy kitchen in Scotland! I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas. I know it can be a hard time of year. So sending you sympathetic vibes if you are finding it a struggle. I'm off to my parents tomorrow with my knitting and crochet.

I have enjoyed reading, laughing and sharing the festive fun in this discussion, thanks to you all for your welcomed contributions. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.
I agree Chris I have had so much fun being part of the Christmas discussions not to mention my reindeer name!
This evening we have had a local band playing carols outside our village hall. Hot punch and mince pies were served by Santa's helpers one was named Louise Tidman we even were showered in snow between the carols it was a super evening.
Wishing a healthy and happy New Year to all my KAS sisters xxx

Merry Christmas and a very Happy & Healthy 2017 to ALL !!!

Best regards,

Thank you everyone for making the lead up to Christmas a happy one.....all your photos, stories, songs  and the cute little 'name game' provided a light relief and lots of giggles in an otherwise manic time. I was still finishing off knitted coathangers @ 10am Christmas morning and wrapping pressies until noon.....thankfully we didn't have to be at my son's house until 2ish.....lol. I hope I live to see the Christmas where I am organised and ready AHEAD of time.....lol.

I hope you all enjoyed a merry and peaceful Christmas in your own special way and that the New Year brings good health and much happiness to you all.  xoxo

As a family , we have really stopped Christmas gifts , the children still get presents but following our family growing so much and everyone leading such busy lives. Our Christmas is all about having time together, having a great meal (cooked by my wonderful brother in law ) and lots of giggles. With everyone from 2years old to 90 joining in. Even the little ones are more excited about the games and seeing family than the presents, which is a blessing . But I must share the gifts I got for Christmas,from friends 8 balls if yarn . 4 big bars of chocolates , 2 bottles of gin :))) People know me so well Lol ... Still waiting for the partridge in a pear tree ... But there is still some Christmas time to go. Hoping every had a lovely day and looking forward to the New Year . Now to start the Boxing Day with the family xox



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