Recent weeks have seen some new faces at KAS on our Thursday opening days and we just love the enthusiasm and energy of new volunteers and contributors.  It always amazes me how KAS attracts just the people that are needed for the different stages of the organisation.  Believe it or not, many of us that have been around for years, cannot actually knit and it is always wonderful when people who have a passion for the crafts of knitting and crocheting join our team.

(On Monday a group of us got together at the KAS office for our first crochet lesson – watch this space!)

Trish recently brought her mom, Wendy, along to help unpack and she has been knitting beanies and squares for us.  She will donate the squares once she has made 35.  She also showed us how to make a fleece blanket without having to stitch or sew anything – an amazing pattern indeed and once the blanket is complete it will be donated to KAS.

Yvette has been associated with KAS since she was first introduced to us through G4S.  She came to drop off some of the beautiful blankets she has crocheted with all the odd pieces of wool we have received and from some unpicked odds and ends.  They really are magnificent, have a look at her latest contribution of blankets:


She was immediately bitten by the unpacking bug and stayed for a few hours to help make up blankets packs and I am pretty sure we will see her again.

Also joining us for the first time was an old family friend of ours, Tracy.  Tracy took one look at the odds and ends that needed to be unpicked and immediately set to work doing what she called therapeutic unpicking!


Our American volunteering team increased when Stephanie joined us for opening days and I have to say that these ladies do a fabulous job of opening and documenting parcels.  Look at all our busy volunteers!!!!!


Two new contributors, Sheona and Kate recently dropped off some knitted squares and marvelled at the whole KAS operation.


Kieren from the Baragwanath Comfort Club also visited and collected nine bags of items to distribute through the organisation she represents.   She emailed to say, “I so enjoyed visiting your new KAS 'home' and seeing all those donations from around the world, was just amazing!  Thank you so much for the 9 big bags that you sorted, labelled and packed for me. The 'cuddles' will definitely be a big hit again as they are just perfect for all the babies who sleep on hard cold floors. We really appreciate all your contributions!”


Kieren with the bags for Bara!


The mail we have been receiving is on the increase and for two weeks now we have collected massive deliveries to open and document. 


Sorting the mail by country....


Thank you so much for your generosity. Have a look at some of the lovely items we have opened recently:

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Thank you Ronda & Wendy for yet another informative & interesting report.  It is always lovely to read about your 'coal face' activities!

Wonderful and enlightening report as always Ronda and Wendy.  I love reading these and seeing the new pictures.  I'm so glad you got more volunteers.  I bet the new crochet class will be a big hit!

those granny blankets are simply stunning!

oh my pic in bottom left are my beanies very proud to help and to share with so many 

They are gorgeous on arrival too Janeen!!

Thank you all. We need your hands at the other end. :)

What a wonderful report....full of sooooo much positivity. Congrats on spotting some of your lovely work, Janeen.

I think I also see one of the gorgeous button up jackets that one of our October Square Heart awardees has so lovingly knitted...Kathy Platts....YAY Kathy!!!!!

Oops! Almost forgot....Yvette's blankets are soooo beautiful....and thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who ensure our crafting efforts get to those who need them.  :))

What is unpicking?

Unpicking is what some refer to as 'frogging'.

Ah, I see.  I thought the point was to knit squares not take them apart!

I am not sure what they are referring to exactly in this respect...I was just replying what 'unpicking' means to me in general.

I have read where sometimes squares do arrive that are MUCH more rectangular in shape than square, so maybe they take an inch off the top so that they can sew them together better...once again, this is just a guess on my behalf. It can't be easy trying to make elongated shapes fit into a blanket of squares and as KAS always states that NOTHING is ever wasted its all good for me.

I have also read where sometimes they crochet an extra round or two to make squares up to size so they really do make every effort to use our lovingly produced items.  :))

Another inspiring report. Yvette's blankets are stunning and I had a passing thought about how interesting it is that odds and ends and leftovers can become blankets so beautiful ! Janeen I love to hear of people spotting their goodies arriving in SA.



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