This discussion will have several distributions represented.

The first is the most recent from Athele.  The ones following are pictures that Ronda has collected in small bits throughout the year.

COVID has changed the way KAS distributes blankets, but, the important news is that they are getting to the children that need them.

Happy viewing and we hope you spy one of your squares or a blanket.

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Athele's Update

Some of the happy children of the Abraham Kriel home for vulnerable, abandoned and orphaned children in Madimole, Limpopo province. I loved the inventive way they found to obscure their faces in accordance with the laws of right to protection of privacy. Sadly a few of the others I was sent hadn’t so I can’t share them. But I can share this lovely message, translated from Afrikaans as best I’m able, received from
on behalf of the children : “The children were extremely excited about the blankets and handwarmers. We want to once again thank everyone very very much for all the goods we got. These early Christmas presents made every child’s heart happy and that they are definitely going to be wonderfully warm next winter. And thank you once again for what you do for all the children and the orphanages, with all our love , Abraham Kriel Orphanage’
I’m not sure if they’ve kept the toys back to give on Christmas Day ... but will check in with Annie on that. Annie is working hard on our behalf to ultimately get pictures of all the 170 children currently in their care who received care packages from KnitASquare, so keep your eyes open for more heartwarming images of the circle of love complete.

More photos from this distribution (December 3) to share:

Some heartwarming pictures from the Abraham Kriel orphanage and home for vulnerable and abandoned children in Madimole, who each received received a blanket, beanie, handwarmer and soft toy from KnitASquare contributors around the globe. 170 vulnerable children will have just that little more Christmas cheer. Special thanks to

Anne-marie Le Roux

for doing what it takes to gather this many children together foe our contributors to have an idea of the children whose lives they have touched.

Oh my goodness, just look at all that bountiful colour, joy and support we've provided.   I'm bowled over.

One photo from a distribution in September...

Diepkloof is a large zone of Soweto township in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It is also sometimes referred to as Diepmeadow, if considered as a single township with the nearby Meadowlands.

Diepkloof Zone 5 distribution

Diepkloof Zone 6 distribution

KAS has been reaching out to all in need this year.  Here is a photo of a street person, wrapped in a KAS blanket.

Oh that poor lady, is she homeless and in a wheelchair? So glad she has received a blanket.

This post is a super idea, thank you.

Harare, Zimbabwe

These photos come from Harare, Zimbabwe.  Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and is about 1,150 km from Randburg, South Africa where The Barn is located.  Zimbabwe is also home to Victoria Falls.

From Tanja Komen

THANK you KNIT-A-SQUARE for the 12 blankets & toys given to Kambuzuma drop-in centre .All the new children were given a blanket & toy or beanie. Thanks Athele & Mands for furiously finishing blankets to get them up to Harare in time.The tiny kids were quite startled as never been given such a beautiful gift. So wonderful that they will be warm for the upcoming rains expected.

Athele's thoughts...

Thank you


darling for making it possible to get these goodies up to Harare in the first place and then all the way out to Kambuzuma to these twelve vulnerable kiddies that are new to this marvelous outreach since last we sent. Gratitude to all the contributors ... apologies I didn’t think to take pics of each of the twelve blankets before I packed them and they’re not easy to discern in these pics. We try. The main thing is that these children have a little extra comfort to call their own this Christmas.

Thank you, Amy, and to everyone involved. Lovely photos.

This from Athele on December 8:

KnitASquare recently reached out to these Sixteen orphaned, abandoned and exceptionally vulnerable children in the care of Sue and Mike Harris of The Village Safe Haven in Sandton. It was heartwarming to see children, many of whom have been there from newborn, being cared for so beautifully by the Catholic community, who many years ago donated the lovely house these sixteen children call home.

Cath Riley's 600 yellow and blue blanket for KAS and other blankets she made...

Estelle fell in love with this darling six month old little girl.

An older resident was very happy with his blanket made by Knit For Life.

My C2C Clear the Decks Blanket in the photo above the one with Estelle and the baby girl. I'm glad these unfortunate children have found a safe refuge.



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