Dear Kas Folk,

How exciting to get this month's tally from South Africa and see that we have only 784 items to go before we reach the half a milliion mark.  With the volume of post still waiting to be opened, it will be well over half a million before the year is out.

Just to highlight how extraordinary that is, I did a little exercise based on their being 40 stitches in a row and 40 rows to a square (very happy to have this amended if I have it wrong) and times it by 452,653 squares = 724,196,800 stitches.   If you could estimate the 46,600 knitted hats and jumpers, I reckon we would be at nearly ONE BILLION STITCHES!!

How fantastic is that.  Every one knitted with love for the children who so badly need it.

Thank you everyone of you that has contributed to this remarkable tally.

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Wow, that is quite an achievement! 

Just goes to show that from little things big things do grow.  It is truly satisfying to be part of this amazing group of people that are making a real difference in the lives of needy children.

Well done everyone!

Hi Sandy.

Thanks fantastic news !

But we may have already passed the BILLION mark

I knit most of my squares using DK yarn. 38-40 sts x 70 rows if it's garter stitch.

40 x 70 x 452,653 = 1,267,428,400 stitches and that's without all the garments.

Here's to the next billion, KAS is just so addictive and all for such a worthy cause.

What wonderful news to read first thing on a drab morning! Makes me feel all warm thinking of those children being wrapped in knitted (and crocheted) hugs.

Wonderful effort of hands joining around the world to make the circle of warmth that is KAS. {:0

This is absolutely wonderful news. Our best wishes and thanks from the knitters from Brescia, Italy.

Individual stitches create links, and each square is then linked to squares from countries around the world, which then creates a network - a vast network made of compassion and love, the most powerful force in the universe!  

The children deserve no less!

Such wonderful news! Thanks for this Sandy - it gives us all such a boost to hear the scale of what KAS continues to achieve.  As others have said - it is the knowledge that we are all over world but joined in our efforts an making a real difference- still with the Olympics in mind - team KAS wins gold!

Must bear in mind that dear Ronda and her team have distributed all of this - just imagine the time and effort that this has taken.  When Ronda asked for a few squares and Sandy started the website I am sure they could not have guessed that a few years later  they would have received so much.  Ronda must feel thrilled and sometimes overwhelmed at the same time.

Maybe as we come into the approach to Christmas we can all hold Ronda and the volunteers in our hearts and do what we can to help them with little gifts or funds for distribution.   Without their stupendous efforts our stitches would not get to the children.

Pam you make a very good point.  I have actually prayed for Ronda's car before now, that it wouldn't give out on them, the poor thing must be really worn out with all this distribution work.

I, among many I am sure, would love to hear if the volunteers need something and perhaps we could help in some manner, or if Ronda needs something.  This could be equipment or funds or whatever.  I love their generous hearts, untiring efforts and loving hands that wrap the children in the love that we make and send to them!

Wow, quite an acheivement, especially from those who sew them all into blankets, I feel. 

I make the blanket 'tally' over 20,000 using the 24 squares per blanket average. Is that about right? 

Makes me feel good to be part of such a world wide success.



Actually it's 35 squares per blanket, Roz, a 7x5 in size but thanks for the quick maths, I was never any good at it and seeing all these amazing numbers is awesome. :D

This is fantastic.  A great achievement. It is a privilege to part of such a great group of people, who have the welfare of the children in their hearts.

Thanks for this Sandy. I agree with Jan, it must be well over the billion stitches now. I estimated mine as approx 2000  per square which seems a reasonable average. As for the other  784 items, at least half of those are grounded on my landing at the moment waiting for the miracle to happen that will send them on their way.



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