Recently a booklet of knitting patterns for 8" squares became available for FREE download in our KAS Shop.

I am challenging myself to make one of every pattern by 2022 (17 weeks away!).    Many of the 35 designs are new to me and may prove difficult to accomplish, but I will give them all a good go!!

To benefit KAS through my challenge I would appreciate US$ sponsorship per different pattern square, or as nominated US$  pledge for my total effort.

Wish me luck!  

(Money to be submitted in January please)


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Wendy, I agree with Bev.  This is a very pretty square and the colour is nice too.  I just wonder ... does that yarn come in blue? ... haha

It's interesting you mention Best Buys selling yarn.  Here in my part of Canada we have a chain of stores called Best Buy but I don’t go there often. All they sell is uninteresting things like TVs, computers, electronics ... you know, boring stuff like that.  A Best Buy that sells yarn would definitely be worth visiting :))))) ... xo 

Thanks Wendy. I have sent you a pm.  :))

Sadly, I don't think we have a Best Buys over here, but I have sourced Birch yarn before, just not in that pretty pink.

Square 11, the checker square. This one wasn't too hard to knit, but I feel a bit so so about the finished pattern, it is very subtle and doesn't show well in a photo.

Still a BEAUTY, Wendy......and my to do list grows longer...haha.

Square 32 The Waffle Square.

I skipped over quite a few patterns in the book before I found another one I felt capable of knitting. I started on square 12 and got a bit more than half way before I made a mistake and I couldn't fix it, so it got frogged and I had such a hate/hate relationship with the pattern I don't want to start it again!

I really enjoyed doing this waffle pattern though it wasn't too difficult and the pattern worked up really nicely.

Will try the raspberry square soon and I think that might be about it for me from the 35 squares pattern book. I will do more pattern squares from others I have here though as I would like to do a whole pattern blanket.

Wow!! Your ribbing is sooooo NEAT, Wendy!! 

I tend not to do many things that look like rib, 'cos I can never get it looking neat....unless I can hide it in variegated yarn.  :))

Your blanket is going to be a dazzler when it is finished and the fortunate little one who receives it is going to be thrilled with all the different textures.

Hi Karen,

Just wondering what is happening with this challenge now? Should we send our pledges yet?

Hi Wendy..... I have worked on a few more squares and just need to photograph them.    I intend to do that later today,  so no payments yet please....   Had a bit of "life" get in the way + my concentration time took a hit for a while,  Kxx❤️

You took on a massive task and have done incredibly well so far, Karen. I intend to try a few of the squares at some stage and your notes will be really helpful. As to your last sentence - to quote John Lennon: “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”  I'm sure we can all relate to that.

Karen, you are doing a brilliant job to raise the much needed funds! Life can get in the way, but there is no rush, you’ll get there :)) 




3.75mm needles

41 + 1 + 41 =83sts

UK DK wool

20 grams

I found this square pretty labour intensive and had many attempts at the tension.   It's certainly not my favourite one - though it does look pretty!

Yes, it does look good Karen, great colour too. Will hold off on pledges till you are ready. You have done a great job! Most of the patterns in the book were just too hard for me, they contained a lot of techniques with which I am unfamiliar, so you are doing better than I did.



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