Sugar for my honey........

This month we will be looking at all things sweet....... By which I mean sweets, candy, chocolate, bonbons and confectionery.

I am sure we can all look back to the sweets of our childhood and reminisce. My favourites were:

Yorkshire Mixtures 

Parma Violets

Liquorice Allsorts.

How about you? What were your favourites? Gum Drops? Chewing gum? American Hard Gums? Chocolate peanuts and raisons?

Have you noticed all the glorious colours of sweets? I am sure that when I was a child a lot came from sources we would never use today - but there were vibrant pink bubble gums and bright yellow and red rhubarb and custard sweets, Smarties came is a variety of lovely colours. What about the Jazzy and snowy sweets - chocolate buttons with multi coloured decorative balls on them?

If you live in the UK you will be familiar with the idea of a stick of rock from the seaside. This is a hard, boiled sugar candy often with stripes round the outer edge and writing through the centre with name of the seaside resort.

As an adult I have encountered Reeses Pieces with their distinctive yellow, brown and orange shells. Marshmallows are now all pink and white. Milka chocolates with their mauve wrappers and lovely image of the cows on the front first entered my life as a treat from the airport!

What about the wrappers? Cadbury chocolate can easily be recognised by its distinctive purple wrapping. Galaxy chocolates all have that swirl of luxurious chocolate colour on the label.

Well I hope you have plenty of pictures in your mind to get started on some great striped, spotted, lovely coloured squares for August.........


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I'm with you on your mint choices, Chris. My favourites are also Murray Mints (which I didn't realise you could get in a tube) and I've always preferred spearmint flavour to peppermint. Gorgeous green blanket.

Love the green minty tones Chris. 

I'm loving your minty fresh blanket, Chris ... but now i seem to have a taste for a nice chocolate-covered mint (because everything is better with chocolate).  

I especially like the way you did the border here.  The dark green accent is the perfect touch.

Oh Sharon - you've now made me think of minty, chocolate covered ice creams. (I might even have some in the freezer!)

We love ‘After 8 Mints‘, dark chocolate covered mints, which we tend only to buy at Christmas..... they are a treat, and they don’t last very long with me around!

My Mum's neighbour always used to buy her a box of After 8's at Christmas which she then brought over for us to share. They've both now died but we still continue with the tradition.

I think I've had After 8 Mints, or something similar, and thought they were delicious.   I think it is very important to continue those traditions, especially the food-related ones, which are special to the time of the year.  If I find any around here in the Christmas goodies, I will enjoy some in their honor.

What a kind thought, Sharon.

Like you, Patricia, I usually prefer spearmint to peppermint.

My Mum always had a bag of peppermints, either in the cupboard or her bag. I can't remember the brand. There was also another type she would occasionally buy and they were about twice as thick and would have an inside that, I think from memory, was either a little gooey or soft and chalky...they were my faves, probably because they were sweeter and not quite so minty.

So spearmint is the favourite mint with several of us, until now I haven’t been aware of anyone else I know who, like me, prefers spearmint. My son says they are not real mints, my brother (who eats a lot of mints) says that it’s like sucking/chewing tooth paste! 
I will think of you all when I next have a mint :))

I love all the green hues in your blanket, Chris. All this talk of mints has me craving for some peppermint creams, one of my favourites, I always have some mint tic tacs in my bag especially when I’m travelling.

That is a great blanket - and I remember the spearmint chews.  I used to prefer spearmint to peppermint.  



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