Sugar for my honey........

This month we will be looking at all things sweet....... By which I mean sweets, candy, chocolate, bonbons and confectionery.

I am sure we can all look back to the sweets of our childhood and reminisce. My favourites were:

Yorkshire Mixtures 

Parma Violets

Liquorice Allsorts.

How about you? What were your favourites? Gum Drops? Chewing gum? American Hard Gums? Chocolate peanuts and raisons?

Have you noticed all the glorious colours of sweets? I am sure that when I was a child a lot came from sources we would never use today - but there were vibrant pink bubble gums and bright yellow and red rhubarb and custard sweets, Smarties came is a variety of lovely colours. What about the Jazzy and snowy sweets - chocolate buttons with multi coloured decorative balls on them?

If you live in the UK you will be familiar with the idea of a stick of rock from the seaside. This is a hard, boiled sugar candy often with stripes round the outer edge and writing through the centre with name of the seaside resort.

As an adult I have encountered Reeses Pieces with their distinctive yellow, brown and orange shells. Marshmallows are now all pink and white. Milka chocolates with their mauve wrappers and lovely image of the cows on the front first entered my life as a treat from the airport!

What about the wrappers? Cadbury chocolate can easily be recognised by its distinctive purple wrapping. Galaxy chocolates all have that swirl of luxurious chocolate colour on the label.

Well I hope you have plenty of pictures in your mind to get started on some great striped, spotted, lovely coloured squares for August.........


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Mam says it's very sweet so she just uses a little at a time, but that it's fab on toast - saying that she has used three quarters of the jar in less than a month.   I've never seen it on a shop shelf, this was an internet offer (they also do Passion fruit, Pina Colada, + Gin + tonic ones).

Thanks for all this great info, Karen.   I hadn't thought of spreading it on toast.  I was thinking of it as a tart or pie filling with a chocolate ganache on top, or maybe in between layers of cake.  But now I'm thinking I might need to do an internet search and see if I can find some to play with.   Tell Mam to enjoy for all of us!

Thanks to Karen for letting me know the Turkish Delight was an online purchase.   I found the exact brand and was all ready to order some, but, alas, they don't ship outside the UK.  It was a good try, but I'll have to satisfy that sweet tooth with other goodies.

Aww I'm sorry......

Wow!  What a gorgeous - and yummy - lineup of treats for our children.  Well done, everyone!

I love lemon ... probably my favorite, provided it's not too sweet.  I drink a lot of water and I always add a 'twist' (or two) to a glass :)

As for chocolate, I'm definitely a 'dark chocolate and nut' kinda gal ;) ... xo

Supposed to be navy blue & purple, but in terms of sweets it resembles the

old fashioned chewy black jacks from way back in time!

Perhaps these two reflect sweet wrappers rather than actual sweets!

Wow! I am certainly getting an education in lollies/sweets from other countries. I have just googled Black Jacks.

GREAT squares, Pam.  :))

Thank Bev, BJ's were chewy, tasty, and, made your tongue slightly black afterwards!

Black Jacks and Fruit Salads bring back many happy memories of spending my pocket money in our little village shop, Pam.

Like you, Bev, I'm learning a lot about candies from other countries.   I've never heard of Black Jacks or Fruit Salads.   My education is severely lacking.

Black Jack's turned your tongue black if I remember correctly!!

Oh yes, Black Jacks!  I once used then cut up with scissors to make the coal for on a steam train birthday cake!



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