In this discussion you will find photos and stories from all the distributions made during April through June in 2023

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On May 2, Wandi and Themba headed out for another colorful distribution...

...enjoy all the photos.

Our beautiful Wandi in red.

Gosh what beautiful, happy and well behaved children.    The colour blast in their lives looks so appreciated.   Thank you - this is what it is all about and is great to see Xx

From Athele on May 6...

I had half a dozen blankets from Cathy Riley's big stash she so generously sent to KNITASQUARE late last year, that is cobbled together since Estelle and I last did a distribution, so I squeezed them into books and crannies I found in the faithful blue bird, packed as we were already with four adults and all our food, bound for a few days in the Limpopo bush These deeply impoverished children were so so happy and grateful!

Oh well done in your efforts.   Terrific looking crocheting.   I'm humbled Xx

Linda, Wandi and Themba headed out for a distribution on May 9.  Enjoy these moving photos.

Thank you so much for these heartwarming photos.  The children all look so happy with their gifts. 

Isn’t it wonderful to see our endeavors bringing such joy to those who need them most!  Thank you, crafters, for every stitch sent with love from your own little corner of our great big world ... xo

On May 10, Athele and Estelle were making another KAS Distribution.  Thank you ladies for sharing all the colors, children and love.

Please note the photos will appear in batches.

What a privilege and joy it was to join my ol paddener, Estelle, on a very special KNITASQUARE distribution, yesterday afternoon. Although our charity is about proving warmth and comfort to children in our most vulnerable communities, we are lucky to also sometimes receive toys and other items.
This time the lucky, and may we say Most deserving, recipient of the Babcock family’s exceptional donation was Ma Lizzy’s day care outreach in this desperately disadvantaged settlement on the far outskirts of north western Johannesburg. Estelle and I came to know Ma Lizzy through the Randburg Police Community Forum who identified her as trustworthy and her community as in real need. Her outreach is almost entirely from donations, from the containers, to the murals on them, the toilets and pretty much everything you see. Including the playground jungle gym, the fencing that gives us a secure place from which to work and the ratty old carpets that serve as some sort of flooring in what would otherwise be mud. In fact, when we arrived we were surprised to see a 4x4 BMW parked outside, but discovered they were a family from from Fourways, a suburb about 10km to the east, bringing food donations to the children.
So we were thrilled to be able to give some of the unbelievably generous donation of educational toys from Michelle Babcock’s family and the Solid Foundations primary school in the UK, where she teaches.
The children and Lizzy’s joy and gratitude brought tears to my eyes.
Estelle and I are the lucky ones, being there to complete the circle of caring and bear witness to how much happiness it brings. So well done to the worldwide KnitASquare team, but especially the incredible Babcock family, for making all this possible. I’m proud to serve in my small way.
Do zoom in and check out this Wonderful array! Ma Lizzy was especially thrilled with the puzzles. Says she’s been praying for puzzles. Don’t you love all the brown babies in their cozy sleeping bags.
The playground, in its entirety.
His and hers, hopefully composting, toilets. There is no sewerage system serving this settlement, albeit they’ve been occupying this stretch of land alongside the krugersdorp highway for decades now.
This smiling lady let it be known how grateful she was to receive this blanket for her disabled son. As did he!
I wish you could have heard this little girl giggling in delight.
One of the blankets from the Babcock family.
Cathy Riley, Mum was Delighted with this one from you which I loved stitching together.
One I loved putting together from various donors. Even made a few of the squares myself as I was short.

Oh this discussion entry brought tears to my eyes.   A privilege to be made aware of such kindness + see the joy.

More photos from May 10.

Another Babcock family contribution.

Amy your big square with some mix and match Cathy Riley. sent in made up this sweet blanket I put together.

Gorgeous soft blanket from Patricia Underwood.

Blanket by Patricia Underwood, and toy from the West Rand Christian Centre.

Another blanket by Patricia.

A cosy, warm blanket - just right for this cold spell our temperatures are expected to drop below zero degrees.

Another blanket from the Babcock's.

These two little chaps couldn’t stop passing me hats and hand warmers, reports Estelle.

One of the fabulous sets from the UK made by Avryl Ramsden. Everything matches the one with the teddy…even his scarf matches.

Photos from the Settlement the children live in.

A local store.

Raw sewerage.

From Athele: I do appreciate how well kept the homes are, families doing the best with what they have.

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures + the written account.   Very humbling indeed.   Reminds us why we do what we do ❤️



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