Welcome to the start of the 2022 Knit a Square Distributions.  We will be covering distribution from January through March 2022 in this discussion.  

Enjoy the amazing photographs.

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On February Wandi and Themba headed out to the Big Bear Creche in Devland.

Thank you Wandi for these fantastic photos.

Creche director Sharon and our precious Wandi.

Oh, I've so missed seeing regular creche distribution photos. Don't you just want to pick those little mites up and give them a big hug? Thank you Wandi and Themba.

Warms your heart and then you jump for joy when you see some of your squares in the distribution.

Thank you for posting the beautiful, inspiring photos!  Just bought some variegated purple yarn for blankets and seeing these lovely little ones, I will also make a hat.  looking up the KAS pattern book now to refresh my memory.

Just look at all the love in those handmade goodies and oh so many colours!!   Thank you X

It is so wonderful to see these photos, always. But the special treat was to see something that looked familiar and turned out to be The Construction Engineer action figure. Now that was a treat for me but the response from my adult children and a doorman... The doorman wiped away a tear, head down and said "That's a beautiful thing." My children texted "that's amazing" and I know they are referring to image of a child with the toy far away from my hands. Yes we can impact the world, with love. 

Thank you for the opportunity KAS. 

Fabulous Deborah, this brought a tear to my eye + I can see him too ♥️

On Saturday, February 26, Athele along with Mandy, Estelle and Norma headed out to Lion Park Informal Settlement for a huge distribution.

This distribution was to take place in December but due to COVID lockdowns the distribution was delayed.

Here is Athele's first installment of her report with very moving photos.  Enjoy and check back again for more photos.

First 30 of the 264 vulnerable children of the Lion Park informal settlement our four strong (literally and metaphorically ) KnitASquare team of volunteers on the ground distributed on what turned into a sweaty slog in cramped quarters, and a whole bunch of happy little ones.

Where you see bigger ones it’s because we couldn’t bear to turn away children under the age of 13 who were only allowed in the gate because they’re the care giver to their little sibling. The surprised delight especially in these older children was so heartwarming. The pics I’m able to shoot these days, especially in this particular instance’s requirements of getting through the kiddies and quickly as possible for everyone’s sake, are hot what I’d love to be able to share with you. So you could get a better sense of their joy in the unexpected introduction of a burst of colour and comfort into their otherwise pretty bleak environment. But I did the best I can with what’s available and hope they give you some of the vibes, without the noise, confusion, heat and sweat.

Squares by Ann Connor

Put together by the Misfits in SA

Put together by Heather Regenass

Squares from CLUMC and sewn together by Norma

Another blanket by Heather

Squares by Cathy Riley

Blanket by Susanne Leverton, Australia

Mandala by Marion Davies

More photos from Athele and the Lion Park Informal Settlement distribution.

Cathy Riley squares sewn together by Linda Curtis

Squares by Trish Gribble sewn together by Norma

Dancing frog from Marion Davies

Knitted squares by Cathy Riley and sewn together by Linda Curtis

From Heather and the Misfits

Twin girls. One of whom got Marion Davies Welsh pig I loved putting together.

Beautiful blanket sewn together by Athele

Squares by Cathy Riley and sewn together by Linda Curtis

Squares from Cathy Riley

Another blanket by team Riley-Curtis

Some square from Marion Davies and put together by Athele

We are still trying to find out who made this incredible blanket.

A masterpiece from Sandra Joy Jones, Australia

Drop In A Pond by Sharon B

Athele put the finishing touches on this blankets just 30 minute before heading out for the distribution.

The Distrubution page, is my favourite, I love looking there and seeing everyone's hard work making children smile.  Very pleased to see my blanket gifted to a needy child, I hope it makes her happy.

More random photos...

Entrance to the distribution site

Older sibling with a little one her in arms and a very colorful blanket

The soft cuddly toys are getting lots of attention.

How I love to see the photos of the distributions. I feel blessed to see so many of my squares in these beautiful blankets. Thank you for all your hard work in the uncomfortable conditions to bring some joy to these underprivileged children in the informal settlements. It’s very moving to see.



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