July through September are the coldest months in South Africa as winter temperatures are the lowest.  

This discussion will capture the many distributions that take place in the Third Quarter.  There is a Mass Distribution in honour of Mandela Day and one for celebrating Christmas in July.

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Here are two photos from Vivienne distribution on July 5.

And a darling video...

Wandi and Themba's distribution to Isepeng Daycare, in White City, Soweto on July 12.

oh  my what spectacular blankets!

Yes, they are.

My Clear the Decks #5 Blanket in the third photo down. What a shame we can't see the children's beautiful faces, but I know we have to abide by the rules and regulations.

On July 12, Wandi and Themba headed to a second distribution in Tshepong.

Wandi and Themba arrived safely back to The Barn after a very busy day!

Wandi, Estelle, Ronda and Themba had a Mandela Day Distribution on July 19.  This was for 26 children with most of the blankets made with the colors of the South African flag.  Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White and Black.  There are several pictures and they will be posted in bunches with brief descriptions throughout.  It may take a couple of days to get them all posted, so please check this discussion in the days to come.

From Estelle...

As we celebrated Mandela Day yesterday in South Africa and Tuesdays are KNIT A SQUARE days Ronda, Wandi, Themba and I did our Mandela Day distribution at the Protea Christian Crèche today. We all took photographs of these beautiful children.
There was great excitement when Ronda opened the cake box with the fabulous cake she had made especially for them. They all burst into song- singing Happy Birthday to you.

From Ronda...

What a wonderful morning we had !


I had quite forgotten what an enormous treat it is to visit these precious,

enthusiastic, friendly, smiling little darlings in the informal settlements.

What a lesson they teach to those of us who have SO much and can still find

something to grumble about !!! 

As we walked in, the thronged around us, hugging our knees with so much

excitement and anticipation at what was to come !

More from Ronda...

This adorable little girl sat down next to the banner and noticed that the

picture of the child on the banner shows her with tears on her cheek.

So she immediately leant forward and kissed her better.

SO adorable !!

A "thing" among our little ones (which I had almost forgotten) is that they

put their little thumbs up so that a visitor may "snap" their own thumb

against each one, at the same time calling out "sharp sharp" - which sounds

more like "shup shup" !!!  A new favorite is the high five - and after a

round of "shup shup" they all pressed in for a "high five" which sounded

like "ha-fa"  - my heart turns to jelly around these kids !!!!

It was so special to be with them again after such a long time of not doing

the distributions.

From Estelle...

Starting the exciting part - unpacking the blankets.

The colours of of flag are mind blowing!

Our beautiful Wandi

Thank you Themba for all your assistance.

Photos from Estelle...

More photos from the Mandela Day Distribution.

This precious child is already how to carry a little one with her new toy.  The little teddy is safe and secure wrapped up with the blanket.

How fabulous the South Africa colour blankets look all together - sadly I don't think mine has arrived yet - and the videos are so sweet!

What a terrific account of this distribution.    I love that you describe the children's reactions and responses to your presence,  and our presents.   Very touching and colourful indeed.    This kind of informative coverage makes my day ♥️



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