This discussion will focus on Distributions made between April and June 2022.  Autumn has crept upon South Africa and the temperatures are dropping.

Many thanks to our volunteers for sharing touching stories and photos.

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Thank you for posting all the still photos, Amy, because I am unable to view the videos.   Not sure what the problem is, but my computer refuses them.

Again, many thanks to the volunteers for taking photos at the distributions, while you are so busy.   We really appreciate it.

Here are the photos that go along with these two fun videos.  Pearl picked up these blankets at The Barn in May.

Thanks for sharing Amy - super photos and happy children Pearl. 

Thank you sssso much for these.    I looked through them + had a good bubble -  looked through them again + wept again.....   The appreciation and happiness is clear to see in the eyes and smiles of every child.    It has made my day.     Thank You Xx

oh what great joy running with the blankets! sounds like you don't get enough handwarmers will try and knit some.

Estelle and Sheldon visited a creche at Lion Park Informal Settlement on June 2.  Here are some touching photos of this distribution with Estelle's comments.  Many thanks to both of you for making a difference in these children's lives as colder temperature are arriving soon.

Sheldon Bolle joined me for his first KNIT A SQUARE distribution at the Lion Park Informal Settlement today. The children welcomed him with high fives and fist bumps…instant hit and joy all round!
Some of the 50 blankets, beanies, toys and hand warmers we chose for The Lion Park Crèche.
Blanket sewn by Sharon Rains Bedgood with the crocodile from Ada Breeuwer.
Ada Breeuwer’s tiger stitched together by Audrey.
Marion Davies fabulous cheetahs joined by Ana Forssman.
Estelle just finished sewing this blanket together just in time for this distribution.

Estelle and Sheldon headed back out to Lion Park Informal Settlement on June 4, to distribute another 50 blankets to children in need.  The roads provided challenges and they had to walk a ways.

The lack of basic services in Informal Settlements force women or children to collect water for their daily use. The buckets are lined up along fence just around the corner where Sheldon Bolle and I distributed blankets at one of the local crèches….unfortunately we couldn’t get closer with the state of the ‘roads’.

This dad was delighted with the blanket his son received from KNIT A SQUARE.

Without the incredible support and generosity from our creative contributors local and abroad this would not be possible.

A stunning blanket from Patricia Underwood.

Cath Riley, this little guy was just interested in looking at his beautiful blanket.

A Cath Riley, with a difference…lovely knitted squares!

I have a feeling that these squares are from Ronda's / KAS’s auditors. They brought bags of beautifully knitted squares.

This dearest little soul must have been so cosy on Thursday night snuggled in a Cath Riley. Aran blanket.

A stunning blanket from Chris Chiplen.

Not too sure about these lovely squares…they look like yours Cath.

A gorgeous blanket for a gorgeous girl stitched together by Marioth Brown.

Once again I had fabulous squares from Elaine Joubert and Carolyn Stone to work with.

I’d love to know who crocheted these pretty squares and crocheted them together perfectly.

This little Angel was so excited to get her blanket parcel from KAS she lost a slipper - those are not her hand warmers- everything of hers matched thanks to shelcon Bolle carefully selecting the blankets etc for the children. Thanks you, Sharon Rains Bedgood…another warm blanket made up from your perfect squares.

Another winner from Chris Chiplen.

Granny squares are always a winner…Margaret Bloor? or KNIT FOR LIFE 🇬🇧?

Estelle, the last one is one of mine - so pleased to see the little one who I hope is enjoying being warmly wrapped against the winter cold!

Thanks so much for letting us know who created this wonderful blanket.  I love the royal blue borders.  Stunning colors all around.

Lesley I’m so pleased you’ve seen your beautiful blankets in the recent distributions we have done. I wish you could see the joy on these little faces before the camera appears. 

Thanks Amy for posting these pics so promptly. 



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