The OCTOBER 2021 Squares List is available

Scroll down to page 4 to see the Squares List.


Please click here: POSTAGE INFORMATION Square Circle Forum

2. Inside the parcel: PLEASE Include the Packing Slip  (click on Packing Slip)

3. Check Postage before mailing


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Dianne, I made a photo of the attachment (above), this is how it looks. When you look it up from your mobile phone, you have to switch to the desktop-version, otherwise the list will not be visible.

By mobile phone: Go to Square Circle Forum, on the top right side you see a Menu Bar (black with 3 dots and 3 white stripes), one of the choices is "Desktop View". Push on the menu bar and you will see several options. Once changed from mobile version to Desktop View, go to option "Discussions" and you can find a.o. the Squares List discussion Page.

Another option: On the Front/Main Page of the Square Circle Forum, on the right side you also can go to the squares lists, if you use your mobile phone it is the same procedure, "Desktop View" is necessary,  the first link is for the 2021 squares lists, the second link is for all squares lists through the years, I made a photo:

For now, I will do you a favor and upload the Squares list here and I hope you can open it.


Please let me know whether the instructions I gave are working.

Hope to have been of help.


you have to download the list

Hi Dawn,

That is also a possibility. When I click on the PDF document it opens and I don't have to download it.

I have sent an extra message to Dianne her email account, but no reply up till now. I hope she has found the list in the meantime.

Thank you Anneke - so relieved to see my parcel has arrived.  Such a long journey from Cape Town!!!

My pleasure Lesley :). Always nice to hear that the squares list is appreciated! And indeed from Cape Town, a looooong journey :))))

The August Squares List is available.

Monthly totals:

During August we opened 275 parcels containing 15.480 squares, equal to 442 blankets.
Many other items were received, such as hats, hand-warmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.

Please note that more than 275 parcels have arrived, the last day of August brought lots of activity to the Barn and mountains of post, but there was no time to open all parcels, for your interest please take a look at discussion page "The Barn 2021" , if not yet recorded on the Squares List maybe you can spot your items or parcels there. See Amy's message of September 2, on page 21 of the discusssion page. Here is the link:



Please find below the squares list as an attachment:  2021 AUGUST SQUARES LIST.pdf and click on it to open it:


Thank you for this always a thrill to see your own name on this list ♥️

Thank you Karen. It is also always a thrill to receive the data for the new squares list! ♥️

Sad to see there are no parcels from me for the August list. Has not been one from me since the March list. I do hope there is one or two soon, I sent one last November, one in January and one in April that should hopefully show up soon!

Hi Wendy, I saw 1 parcel containing 84 squares in the 2021 January-February Squares list, is this the parcel you sent in November?

I can imagine that you are waiting to see your parcels in the squares lists, maybe in the next one, which will come soon. Much more than the 275 parcels mentioned above arrived, "mountains of post" unfortunately the circumstances were , because of the Lockdown in SA, to bad to open ALL parcels in a short period of time. So my dear Wendy, fingers crossed that your parcels will be in the September squares list. The volunteers have to work so hard to get squares sorted, counted, making packages for the Gogo groups, distributions wherever possible. Keep the good spirit up my dear. When I receive the data for the new squares list I will have a look and let you know whether your parcels are recorded. xo

Hi Anneke, 

Thank you for your response. No, the parcel on the Jan/Feb list was I think, one I sent last October. I know Covid is still having an impact on the post, most of my parcels seem to take about 6 months to arrive now.

I know the volunteers are doing a great job under difficult circumstances too. I just like to know my parcels are arriving and that the children are receiving the items I send.

I love that KAS allows me to see my donations arriving and being distributed. Thanks again.

Wendy - I sent a parcel in February and another in March which have yet to appear, and this is unusually slow for the UK, especially as others I've sent more recently have already arrived. I think a backlog piled up and opening has still to get back on track - I hope so anyway!



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The OCTOBER 2021 Squares List is available. Please see:

2021 Squares List Discussion

     for the most recent lists.

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