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Thank you all very much for adding your squares to help boost our total.  I have gone back to do a quick tally check and it seems that somewhere along the way we have a miscalculation.  Unless I am mistaken (which I may very well be and it wouldn't surprise me one bit!) our actual total is now at ...


However, I would sincerely appreciate it if someone else could double-check my calculation and correct me if I'm wrong :))  Thank you ... xo

My bad midnight maths Gloria ( when I added my 35)

Glo, I've just been through all the posts and I have a total of 4232 also if Pam just wanted to add these 8 squares in her photo. The total of 5259 that she found would mean that she added 35 squares. The extra 1000 squares has just been explained by Susanne. We'll soon be back to a 5000 count I hope!

I'm adding 380 squares from my EHPAD retirement home ladies. They weren't all made this year, but lockdown has gien me an opportunity to tail and butterfly!!!!

New total: 4612

The 8 squares pictured Valerie were samples of a batch of 35 - didn't post them all as they were much of a muchness! Please can I leave you to figure out the correct tally as my brain cannot handle the changes!!! I'll post them in a pile in future!

Your calculation of 5259 was correct then according to the total previous to your addition. However that total is 4259 in reality as there had been a previous error which added a non-existant 1000 squares.


Ah well, shame about the 1,000, but thanks Valerie for getting us back on track!!!

Electricity was out for 6 hours yesterday.  Thought I would try a new pattern.

This equals 4 squares.


The total after adding 35 squares from Pam, instead of only the 8 in the photo was 4259. This means that with my 380 squares, the total should have been 4639 instead of 4612.

So with Amy's 4 square tally, if I'm not mistaken, the total should be:


My marvellous friend Mireille has made good use of lockdown. She takes a lot of my retirement ladies squares and sews some lovely blankets. These are her latest  contributions:

This is the equivalent of 175 squares so the new total is:


These are so lovely Valerie.  All your ladies work so hard in keeping the children warm.  Kuddos to you all!!

Mireille has just mailed me  photos of 3 more blankets. The one with the bear is one of hers, another is from her sister-in-law Pierrette and the third is from her friend Dominique.

This adds 105 more squares to the tally. The new total is:


I love that sleeping teddy.



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