In order to shorten and simplify the item count list this year,  

we are asking that you choose from the following list when recording what you send.

 This will make it much easier for everyone to copy and paste the list.

  • TOPS (includes vests, sweaters, Go-Overs)
  • BEANIES/HATS (please don’t forget, KAS South Africa has a room full of hats to distribute)
  • SOFT TOYS (teddies, dolls, cuddly toys)
  • SOCKS/UNDERWEAR (includes t-shirts, undershirts/singlets, underpants and slippers)
  • SUPPLIES FOR GOGOs (knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing needles, yarn)
  • BITS AND BOBS (pens, pencils, books, anything that doesn’t fit in elsewhere)


How do I add to the ongoing tally?

If you were able to add to the 2013 Tally without a problem please continue to use that method. However, if you are having problems, try one of these options:   [iPad users may still have difficulty]

Option 1:

  1. Go to the last entry in the tally
  2. Copy the entire list to Word Pad or Clipboard
  3. Make changes in the list to reflect the number of items you are sending
  4. Copy the entire list again
  5. Click on ‘Reply to This’ (right under the introduction) Add a comment: “Joan – adding 5 squares, I hat, 2 pr. socks” then paste the revised list.
  6. Click on Add Reply.

This will place your reply at the very end of the discussion so the next person leaving a message will have the correct figures

Option 2

  1. Click on ‘Reply to This’ (right under the introduction), Add a comment: “Joan – adding 5 squares, I hat, 2 pr. socks"
  2. Go to the last entry in the tally and copy the entire list
  3. Paste in ‘Reply to This’, after your comment
  4. Make changes in the list to reflect the number of items you are sending
  5. Click on Add Reply.

This will place your reply at the very end of the discussion so the next person leaving a message will have the correct figures

If you absolutely find this process baffling, just post a note of what you are sending, No worries – one way or another we’ll get them added to the tally.


The KAS Reaches Great Heights for the Children

is working its way towards Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.  

After recording in the 2014 Tally, go to the Heights Challenge by clicking here to add your squares to the Heights total. 

See where we have travelled and how high the stack has become!

[Please add to the latest comment]


It is a good idea to check the Squares Lists every month to see when your parcels arrive.  The South African team doesn't always have time to send a reply ...although they do try !



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well I'm asking my friend who is bringing her husband to the big Hogmanay Street party here to get him to bring his chanter! 

Happy New Year Susanne !

Sorry you can't start the 2015 Tally just yet.  We need to allow the rest of us time to post our totals :-)

I'm arbitrarily ending the 2014 Tally at midnight Canadian time !!![Oh the power of the discussion leader LOL]

Well Powerful Discussion Leader, I am so far behind with parcelling that I can't add to the 2014 total before midnight.  I am picking up another batch of squares today (hope they have butterflied tails) and have a stack still to parcel up. 

At least I will be able to get our 2015 total rolling..... if I can remember where I stowed the paper and tape in my rather rushed pre-Christmas clean-up.  (I know it's here somewhere.....)

I'm leaving the packing up until the new year, the P.O will be too busy....that's my story and I'm sticking to it :-)

Haha I know Mary but being in a rural area my parcel won't leave the local PO until Monday. What is the timethere in Scotland?

its just 2 mins past 6pm here! we have a good 6 hours before the fireworks at midnight!

Adding Susanne Leverton's items:

New Totals:

28,460 squares

609 tops

295 hats

99 KASCuddles

952 soft toys

682 scarves/neckwarmers/mittens gloves/handwarmers

880 pairs of socks/underwear/singlets

609 supplies for gogos

604 bits and bobs

Thanks for adding Linda, and best wishes for 2015

The 2014 Tally is closed.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  Even though we did not record all the squares, etc that were sent to South Africa, we know that 'our' children are warmer because of our efforts.

Please add to the 2015 Tally found HERE



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