Here are some wonderful examples of squares and items produced throughout 2012 

    Off they go!  IMAGE_049  Hexagon sweaters made by Dee Cristofoli Parisian lace Bounty from John  Monday Moment 7 - Tweedie arrives.   P1040590   Chunky set! Butterfly Beanie May Challenge - Night Garden Jigsaw Clothes Shops - the bounty of squares! June Challenge  July 2012 Diagonal square KAS cuddle 2012 July Challenge - Sri Lanka - The Seller of Spices Crocheted Vest July 2012 Linda's Lion - August challenge. Blue Grace Vest Knit a square Soft babies KasCuddle 1- Oct 2012 Chain Stitch Squares for October Challenge Norwegian Star Square in process - or should I make a vest? 2012 11 PJ blankets More Kareemah Hats Hexagon sweater

  Amahle and CloverdeneA well deserved spot of lunch!  Thusenong  Blanket Day at JBay Recycling ProjectGoma Distribution

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0 Squares

0 Tops - Go-Overs, Jumpers/Sweaters, Slip-overs and Vests

0 Hats & Beanies

0 KasCuddles

0 Bits & Bobs

0 Scarves

0 Socks

0 Teddies / Toys

0 T-shirts

Late for 2012, but 9 squares, 2 vests and 4 hats!

9 Squares

2 Tops - Go-Overs, Jumpers/Sweaters, Slip-overs and Vests

4Hats & Beanies

0 KasCuddles

0 Bits & Bobs

0 Scarves

0 Socks

0 Teddies / Toys

0 T-shirts

Well done, Chris....2012's loss is 2013's gain.....GREAT start to our 2013 tally!!!

Hi Pam I am new to this,but have just sent a parcel. I am unsure if I am supposed to add this to your tally count somehow ,or if it is done in S.A when they arrive.Can you help?

Hi Sue...have you kept a record of the quantities of what you have sent? If so, it would be good if you could cut and paste and add them to the totals. If you can't, just put the list of goodies on here and someone will adjust the tally to include yours.  :))

Just a reminder that the 2013 Tally / Item Count is available!  Click on Forum on the menu bar and scroll down to Tallies.

Hi  Pam

I have just posted 6 Squares how do I add this to the tally. Thanks

Thanks for your contribution, Barbara...great!!

Thanks for adding them to the tally Christine.  :))

Posted yesterday, 118 squares and 1 teddy. Has made a bit of a dent in my backlog !


New totals:

127 Squares

2 Tops - Go-Overs, Jumpers/Sweaters, Slip-overs and Vests

4Hats & Beanies

0 KasCuddles

0 Bits & Bobs

0 Scarves

0 Socks

1 Teddies / Toys

0 T-shirts

Wow! Fantastic Jan! What a way to start the new year!!

Way to go, Jan...that is GREAT!!

Have had a marathon packing session these past few days, some already in the post, rest before end of January - I just couldn't take them peeping out at me from under the stairs anymore!

Most of the squares etc were produced by a number of groups around Newton St.Cyres, Devon (UK), including residential care homes. Some from Carol and my niece Hatty picked up some charity shop bargains in the cuddly department, and, I've sent the balance of her teenage cuddly black & white cow collection!

New totals:

677 Squares

3 Tops - Go-Overs, Jumpers/Sweaters, Slip-overs and Vests

24 Hats & Beanies

0 KasCuddles

22 Bits & Bobs

3 Scarves

0 Socks

27 Teddies / Toys

0 T-shirts



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